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Podcast: Epic Content Marketing

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Author, speaker and entrepreneur Joe Pulizzi is the author of the new book “Epic Content Marketing”.  Joe says that nine out of ten marketers use content marketing in some way.

The problem?  Just one in three are seeing success.

To cut through the clutter, marketers need to employ epic content marketing tactics and strategies.

Epic Content Marketing

  • What is content marketing?
  • Why do you consider your strategy “epic”?
  • Which marketing outlet – Facebook, Twitter, a blog – is most important for a business to master first?
  • What is the #1 key to success with content marketing?
  • If a business is just getting started with content marketing- what’s your number one tip for them?

Joe Pulizzi, is founder of the Content Marketing Institute. You can find his new book “Epic Content Marketing” in bookstores everywhere.

For more information please visit EpicContentMarketing.com. You can find Joe on Twitter @JoePulizzi.

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