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Podcast: How To Become A Virtual Assistant

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business, office, technology, future concept - friendly female hGina Horkey knows everything there is to know about the world of virtual assistant work. She started as one herself (and still is one), created a course to help others break into VA work called 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success, hired one herself and created a VA MatchMaking Service.

How To Become A Virtual Assistant

  • What does a VA do?
  • What type of personality works well as a VA?
  • How can someone get started working as a VA?
  • How much money can you make?
  • How do you find work?

Gina Horkey invites you to stop by her website, HorkeyHandBook.com and follow her on Twitter @horkeyhandbook. Whether you want to become a VA or hire one, she has you covered!

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  1. Diona Culbertson says:

    Gina’s tips are very helpful, thank you!

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