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Podcast: How To Make Customer-Centricity A Habit

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Podcast: How To Make Customer-Centricity A Habit   Bob Thompson is the founder and editor-in-chief of the online community CustomerThink.com, which helps business leaders understand how to succeed with customer-centric business strategies. He has just published a new book “Hooked on Customers” which reveals the five organizational “habits” of top-performing companies.

How To Make Customer-Centricity A Habit

  • What is the purpose of your new book “Hooked on Customers”?
  • In your experience, what does “customer centric” really mean?
  • What are the five habits and how do they work together?
  • Which of the habits do companies find the hardest to get right?
  • Where should a company start on its customer-centric journey?

To learn more about Bob Thompson and his new book, “Hooked on Customers” please visit www.hookedoncustomers.com and you can find Bob’s online community at www.customerthink.com

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