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Podcast: Publicity for Introverts

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World centerJane Tabachnick is the author of Publicity For Introverts. She has been named one of the top 100 people online by Fast Company for her work as a digital PR strategist who teaches savvy authors and heart centered women entrepreneurs as well as introverts, how to gain visibility and instant expert status.

Publicity for Introverts

  • Can those who think of themselves as shy or introverts do Publicity successfully?
  • Does the introvert have to become an extrovert to succeed at publicity?
  • What are the three things introverts seeking publicity need to know that will help them succeed?
  • Where are introvert entrepreneurs making their biggest mistake?
  • What are some tips introverts can do to get more publicity?

For more information, tips, resources and to sign up for Jane’s newsletter and download her complimentary 2015 Publicity Toolkit and Planner, visit www.janetabachnick.com. To sign up for the publication notice for the Publicity For Introverts visit www.PublicityforIntroverts.com.

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