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Podcast: The Metronome Effect: The Journey to Predictable Profit

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Podcast: The Metronome Effect: The Journey to Predictable ProfitShannon Byrne Susko has worked with CEOs, Boards, executive teams, and individuals who want to grow, both personally and professionally, for nearly 15 years. She is a serial tech entrepreneur and author of The Metronome Effect, where she shares how to implement the one page plan and other thought leader tools in one habitual growth rhythm.

The Metronome Effect: The Journey to Predictable Profit

  • What is the Metronome Effect? A habitual growth rhythm?
  • What thought leader tools were you successful with and why?
  • Human System is so unhuman.  What is a human system?
  • You have been heard saying “the metronome effect will set you free” – what do you mean by this?

The Metronome Effect is for anyone who really wants to predict profit and grow their business every year.  Learn more at www.metronome-effect.com.  Read, download or listen to the book through Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble or Apple iTunes.

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