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Do You Have A Championship Organization?

Do You Have A Championship Organization?Do you have a championship organization? Do you lead an organization that is in the top of its sector at the end of the year?

Despite injuries, or occasional scuffles, does your team perform?  I am a diehard Steelers fan. I grew up watching the Pittsburgh Steelers with my dad in 1970s. But let me look at my beloved Steelers with my organizational leadership lenses.

Hall of Fame Coach, Chuck Noll coached the Pittsburgh Steelers for 23 years and was the first head coach to win four Super Bowl Rings. Bill Cowher was head coach 15 years had two Super Bowl appearances winning one. Current coach Mike Tomlin, was the first African American coach in Steelers history and the youngest head coach to ever win a Super Bowl. Tomlin has been in Pittsburgh over nine years. Stability, not constant turnover, builds championships.  In contrast, whether in the NFL or in other organizations, constantly changing leadership keeps staff and personnel off balance. Turnover is a sign of malcontent in an organization. If staff is always adjusting to a new boss, they are distracted with the changes, and perhaps looking for a new team to play for.

Also note, the Steelers do believe in diversity. The Rooney Family created the Rooney Rule where there should be a coach of color interviewing for head coaching positions in the NFL. Consequently, they benefited by their own foresight in hiring the first African American coach, Mike Tomlin, who has won seven championships.

But these lessons are not only from Pittsburgh. The great football dynasties: San Francisco, Dallas, and yes even New England, have longevity in key positions and a leadership the personnel can trust and play for.

As you continue into 2017, think does your organization have high turnover?  Does the staff trust leadership? Do you truly embrace diversity? Without these key elements, you probably are enduring a losing season.  Stability and trustworthy leadership is key.
Here we go Steelers… another year of stability bringing success in the post season.

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