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Podcast: New Hiring Trends

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Bradley Richardson is an Executive Recruiter, Best-Selling Author and Career Development Coach who share his perspectives on the hiring trends of 2014 and how job candidates can increase their chances of getting hired. What are companies looking for in a job candidate? Find out in this podcast!

New Hiring Trends

  • What is the biggest trend or change you see in hiring and how people work today?
  • Why is authenticity leading the trend for 2014?
  • You believe that the traditional executive search and recruiting model is broken, why?
  • You say that it is a mistake when someone says, “they only want to hire or work with the best”, why?
  • What is the “52 Souls Project” you are working on? How did this come about?

To learn more about the “52 Souls Project” and how to work with Bradley Richardson, please visit BradleyRichardson.com 

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