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Podcast: What You Don’t Know About Your Job Search Will Hurt You!

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Hank Boyer is the CEO of Boyer Management Group, a Philadelphia-area best practices consulting firm that works with businesses and institutions that want to get the very best out of their people. Since 2011 Hank has authored two assessments for measuring job search competence, published two books on conducting an effective job search, and written job search education curriculum for use at the college level.

In this podcast, Hank reveals how to be prepared to conduct an effective job search, because what you don’t know will hurt you!

What you don’t know about your job search will hurt you!

  • Tell us about what your job search competency assessments revealed.
  • Why has conducting an effective job search become so difficult in the past five years?
  • What are the three top mistakes that people make in their job search?
  • How important is LinkedIn in someone’s job search?
  • What tools can listeners use to excel at conducting their job search?

http://www.Boyermanagement.com (Link to this site) is the place to find tools and advice to improve your job search and help you get a better job faster in your field of interest. From our two combination job-search-assessments-with-textbooks to our free blogs, visit http://www.boyermanagement.com (link to this site) and click on the category Career Search Tools & Education from the Services menu.

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