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Maximize Your Medicare

Podcast: Maximize Your Medicare

Listen Here: Credentialed Medicare Expert Jae W. Oh, MBA, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC® is the author of the top-rated, top-selling book Maximize Your Medicare: Understanding Medicare, Protecting Your Health, and Minimizing Costs, available in print [...]
From Furious to Curious, Navigating Great Relationships

Podcast: From Furious to Curious, Navigating Great Relationships

Listen Here: Relationship Coach Kimi Avary has worked with men and women for over 20 years to help them save both personal and professional relationships. As a certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner, Kimi helps her [...]
Give Life To Your Courage

Podcast: Give Life To Your Courage

Listen Here: From serving in the Israel Defense Forces to returning to the States, Dorit Sasson has mustered the courage to translate her experiences into her soon-to-be released memoir Accidental Soldier: A Memoir of Service and Sacrifice [...]
Podcast: New Rules for Successful Authors

Podcast: New Rules for Successful Authors

Listen Here: Judy Cullins is a full service book coach who helps authors transform ideas into helpful, engaging and entertaining books to highlight your business or mission. Her signature book is How to Write Your eBook or Other Short Book [...]

Are You a Star Quarterback on a Winning Team?

The position of your team members is a part of your plan that you need to carefully define. Team roles are important to fulfill accurately so you have all the coverage you need for the abilities you desire. Each step of your action plan will [...]

Your Cheerleaders the Chanteuses of Encouragement

Creative people need to isolate for a great part of their work, but it isn’t always a good practice. Sometimes you need to be in the graceful presence of another person to feel yourself in their reflection. Everyone needs cheerleaders. Assemble [...]

Dink and Dunk for Masterful Team

A great practice is about asking powerful questions. In my book Ask Power Questions: A Practical Guide to Help You Get What You Want in Business, Life and Friendship, I share my 17 Strategies to Help You Formulate Power Questions. One of a series, [...]

How to Draft a Winning Team

To make your team a winner you’ll need to isolate and assemble the attributes that lead to success. Who are the people that work hard to help you succeed? Where and how do you engage your team members? Do you meet in coffee shops, online, [...]

Know Your Team

You need at least one expert team to help you achieve your goals, and you may need many to reach success. Think about all the teams you have in place now. Your work, doctor’s office, grocery store, coffee shop all function as teams that serve [...]

What Sports Taught Me about My Business Plan and Yearly Goals

You’ve probably read plenty of headlines hawking that you need to plan your year wisely with success in mind. You’re told to make new resolutions that fix challenges, and you’ve heard the pumped up messages intended to inspire change [...]

The 2016 Yang Fire MonKey Book is Here

The 2016 Yang Fire Monkey…Year of Changeability and Unpredictability is now available for purchase. The book may be purchased at http://www.maryshurtleff.com, http://www.amazon.com/ or http://www.barnesandnoble.com. This year will prove [...]

SPECIAL PODCAST! Insider Media Training Tips For JenningsWire Podcasters

Listen Here: Stacy Amaral Kauffman, Radio Director of the national PR firm, Annie Jennings PR, joins Annie Jennings, Founder of the National PR Firm behind the online feature magazine sensation, JenningsWire.com – a community of bloggers [...]
Time For Art

Showing Up For Your Art

What a heartbreakingly beautiful metaphor for a writer’s commitment to write.  “ Writing a poem … is a kind of possible love affair between something like the heart (that courageous but also shy factory of emotion) and the learned [...]

Podcast: How to Design a Healthy, Safe Space for Your New Baby

Listen Here: Trina Masepohl is an engineer turned interior designer and author. She turns her technical expertise and love of design to helping parents create healthy, safe environments where their children can grow and thrive. Her new book, The [...]