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Podcast: How To Go From Success To Significance

Listen Here: Rick Coplin had a successful career in a Fortune 100 company, but left to join a startup and transition to a life of significance. Rick is currently Vice President of Community Partner Ventures with Rev1 Ventures working alongside [...]

Podcast: Social Media Marketing For Small Business

Listen Here: Dimple Thakkar is the CEO & Impresario of Synhergy Marketing, a multiple award-winning social media agency based in Los Angeles. They’ve won the Small Business of the Year Award from the US Chamber of Commerce and received [...]

Podcast: Improve Your Business by Being Customer-centric

Listen Here: Rob Bellenfant is the founder and CEO of TechnologyAdvice, which is a company that helps businesses find the right technology solution for their needs, and helps business technology vendors find the customers for their products. [...]

Podcast: So You Want To Start A Business

Listen Here: Nellie Akalp is a mom of four, serial entrepreneur, small business advocate, speaker, and author.  She is the founder & CEO of CorpNet.com, an online legal document filing service, where she helps entrepreneurs start, grow, [...]

Podcast: Learning How To Code

Listen Here: Betsy Hauser Idilbi is the cofounder of Tech Talent South – an immersive code school that was recently ranked the 16th best in the world. Betsy is here to tell us more about coding, why it’s hotter than ever, plus why everyone [...]

What To Wear: Dressing For An Interview

Mothers may advise wearing a standard navy suit to an interview, but times have changed and that old-fashioned statement may get you eliminated instead of hired. These days, appropriate business attire is much more personal and difficult to [...]

Podcast: Mastering Business Growth to Get the Best Results

Listen Here: Diane Helbig is a business and leadership development coach, radio show host, author, and speaker. She is passionate about helping small business owners and sales professionals maximize their efforts so they realize success as [...]

Podcast: Writing a Book? Listen to This!

Listen Here: Farnoosh Brock is an entrepreneur, author, business coach and green juice addict. After a successful corporate career at a Fortune 100 company, she started Prolific Living Inc. to fulfill her entrepreneurial passions – [...]

Podcast: Solutions for Working Moms

Listen Here: Christy Largent is the author of 31 Positive Communication Skills for Women Devotional and host of Encouraging Words for Working Moms podcast where each week she interviews successful working moms to uncover their strategies, [...]

Your Invitation to a Great Life

In recent weeks, my son Trevor quit his well-paying pharmacy tech job in Denver, Colorado for a “room and board” position in a quiet village in the Austrian Alps. He sickened of his role in filling drug prescriptions for people addicted [...]

Excusing Bad Behavior in the Office?

Layla was working on a project that required the input of two other offices. She needed data from the research office, and also promotional materials from the institution’s marketing division. She was on a deadline, but still needed to move [...]

Podcast: Don’t Go To Work Naked

Listen Here: World renowned image and brand specialist, Parker Geiger of the CHUVA Group, discusses the release of his latest books Don’t Go To Work Naked! Dress Right For Work Every Time All The Time – For Men & For Women where [...]

Podcast: The Prosperous Leader

Listen Here: Jacob Engel is a business consultant and positive psychology coach who combines his expertise in running a 200 million dollar family business with positive psychology. He is author of The Prosperous Leader, which shares the [...]

Confidence V Arrogance: Defining Words We Use All the Time

At the recent State of the Union President Obama drew loud applause from Republicans when he began a section of his remarks, “I have no more campaigns to run.” Departing from his prepared speech, Obama responded to the surprise applause [...]

Podcast: GET A JOB! 10 Steps to Career Success

Listen Here: Kathleen Brady is a certified career and life management coach, author, and motivational speaker with 25 years of experience helping people identify and integrate their personal and professional goals. She inspires clients to [...]

Podcast: Courage – An INside Job!

Listen Here: Sandra Ford Walston is known as the Courage Expert, an internationally published speaker and author with over 20 years of original research on feminine courage, everyday courage and courageous leadership. Her three books include COURAGE [...]

Podcast: Publicity for Introverts

Listen Here: Jane Tabachnick is the author of Publicity For Introverts. She has been named one of the top 100 people online by Fast Company for her work as a digital PR strategist who teaches savvy authors and heart centered women entrepreneurs [...]

Podcast: The Secret Weapon for Business Success

Listen Here: Connie Whittingham is the President & CEO of Y-OPA Consulting Group, a firm focusing on bookkeeping, QuickBooks coaching and consulting services. Connie is also creator of the free CD “11 Critical QuickBooks Mistakes and [...]

Coping With Job Loss

You’ve spent many years building your career and establishing a place in the corporate world and feel secure about your future and the future of your family. But what happens when it ends abruptly behind the euphemism of downsizing, reorganization, [...]

Passed Over? Speak Up

Tammy, a 52 year old African American woman was a long standing employee of ABC* grocery. She was with the company when those scanners were installed. She knows the inventory and respective vendors.  She has been the leading store manager in [...]
Podcast: Careers In Legal Cannabis Industry

Podcast: Careers In Legal Cannabis Industry

Listen Here: David Bernstein is the CEO of WeedHire.com A fully reporting publicly traded career website specifically targeting employment within the legal cannabis industry. Careers In Legal Cannabis Industry Why did you start weedhire? How [...]

Podcast: Why Workplaces Need Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Listen Here: Lynda Zugec is the Managing Director of The Workforce Consultants, a network of industrial-organizational psychologists and human resource professionals, and we’ll be discussing exactly what industrial-organizational psychology [...]

Podcast: The New Way To Deal With Stress & Difficult People

Listen Here: Dr. Bill Crawford is a licensed psychologist, author of four books and  organizational consultant and speaker. In the last 27 years he has created over 3300 presentations for such organizations as Sprint, Shell, The American Medical [...]

Workplace Bully

We assume that bullying is a problem that is limited to schools, playgrounds and children and youth. However, that’s not so. Bullying has become more prevalent at the workplace and even the elderly are being bullied more often. Although the [...]

Podcast: Remote Employment – An Alternative To Outsourcing

Listen Here: Sharon Koifman says that being able to interview, train and communicate your methodologies is crucial to the way you run your company. Yet businesses seem to neglect these processes when they start working with foreign individuals [...]

Obstacles Actually Help You on Your Career Success Journey

I’m an online career mentor. I send my subscribers daily success quotes. I don’t explain the quotes. Instead, I ask readers to think about the quote and how it applies to their lives and careers, and then to do something to put the [...]

Podcast: Resume Therapy

Listen Here: Paula Marks is a Career Workplace Expert who has been professionally connecting people to each other for more than three decades. She is President of Hire Resources Inc and has been featured on CNN & FOX TV as well as in the [...]

Podcast: What’s For Work, Ladies?

Listen Here: Teri Hockett has been featured in over 20 articles on Forbes.com, Business Insider, and CBS San Francisco. As the founder and CEO of What’s For Work?, a career management and job searching website, Teri writes blogs and speaks [...]

Navigating The Bull Pen – How Bullies & Organizations Respond When The Target Reports Workplace Bullying

Studies over the past decade have confirmed that workplace bullying is a global problem in which the target is berated, harassed and left in an inferior position. The behavior becomes a condition of continued employment.    Such bullying [...]
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Pick One And Only One: Talent Or Chemistry

OJ Simpson had his Dream Team of attorneys, researchers, and experts. This Dream Team got him off of a crime he all but committed on national TV. Wouldn’t we all like to have our own Dream Team whether it was a professional or personal Dream [...]

Podcast: The Four Generations At Work

Listen Here: Award winning author and presenter, Dr. Elizabeth Kearney, is a former John Hopkins Fellow with a background as both a professor and business owner. She is author of The Four Generations, which explains how to deal with four different [...]

Podcast: What It Is To Be A Spirited Woman

Listen Here: Nancy Mills is the founder of TheSpiritedWoman.com, a global women’s empowerment community. Recognized as a leading women’s visionary, Nancy is the publisher of the Spirited Woman Directory: A Collection of Stories [...]

Podcast: The Easy 4 Step Method To Look Great, Feel Great & Excel In Life

Listen Here: Personal fitness and strength trainer, Chris Weiler, has specialized in the areas of athletic performance, development and rehabilitation for over 20 years. He has expanded the concept of Performance to include improving how we [...]

Podcast: The Balance Between Online & Offline Networking

Listen Here: World renowned image and brand specialist, Parker Geiger of the CHUVA Group, joins us to discuss the release of his latest book: The GAME: earn It! Change It! WIN IT…networking 1.0 and 2.0, which focuses on face-to-face [...]

Podcast: GUTSY: How Women Leaders Make Change

Listen Here: Today’s guest is Sylvia Lafair, Ph.D., President of Creative Energy Options, Inc., a global consulting company that targets and transforms workplace patterns for success and author of GUTSY: How Women Leaders Make Change. GUTSY: [...]