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Podcast: The Power of Three: Achieve Goals By Doing Three Things A Day

Listen Here: Lisa Dietlin is the author of The Power of Three: How to Achieve Your Goals By Simply Doing Three Things a Day. In The Power of Three, Lisa provides helpful ideas, derived from her experience in the nonprofit arena and in business [...]

Podcast: The Value Of Volunteer On Your Job Search

Listen Here: Lynda Zugec is the Managing Director of Crossing the Globe, a non-profit organization that provides leadership development and work experience for students and young professionals globally. In this podcast, Lynda discusses the [...]

Happiness At Work!

Since the Oscars performance from Pharrell Williams, HAPPY has received even more attention nationally and internationally. Could it be the winter blues that has us craving for happiness? Is there a spiritual component?  Perhaps it just feels [...]

Everyone Can Be Their Own Fireman-Put Out The Flames Of Communication Or Fan Them

It’s not easy being a fireman. You have to be able to carry 60 pounds of equipment and a hose that weighs 200 pounds when at its water capacity. Then there are all of those steps that you have to be able to go up and down at will. For most [...]

Podcast: What You Don’t Know About Your Job Search Will Hurt You!

Listen Here: Hank Boyer is the CEO of Boyer Management Group, a Philadelphia-area best practices consulting firm that works with businesses and institutions that want to get the very best out of their people. Since 2011 Hank has authored two [...]

Podcast: The Job Search Buddy

Listen Here: Davina Douthard is the CEO and founder of Polishing the Professional, a career center providing professional development, personal branding and career placement service. She is author of The Job Search Buddy, a handy pocket [...]

Podcast: Your Employee Rights

Listen Here: Scott Behren is a trial lawyer and owner of the Behren Law Firm in Weston, Florida that practices in all state and federal courts in the state of Florida. He specializes in the areas of business and employment litigation and [...]

Plenty Of Bull Ro Go Around: Reflection On The Miami Dolphins Bullying Incident

In late October 2013, Jonathan Martin, second year starting tackle for the Miami Dolphins, abruptly left the team checking himself into a hospital because of relentlessly aggressive treatment he received from teammates. Despite his physical [...]

Staying Accessible In The Winter

Imagine David, a wheel chair bound employee for ABC Corporation. He is typically on time and will even work late to get the job done correctly. David is valued member of his work community and well-respected. However, the recent series of storms [...]

Podcast: Strategies That Retain And Engage Talent

Listen Here: Beverly Kaye is the Founder of Career Systems International and a leading authority on career issues, including retention and engagement in the workplace. She is the international bestselling co author of Love ‘Em or Lose [...]

How To Hit Those Interview Curveballs Out Of The Park

Job interviews can be stressful. You’re likely to get thrown a few curve balls, so it is best to be prepared.  I read an interesting article in Bloomberg Business Week that mentioned the favorite questions eight senior hiring managers like [...]

Podcast: Winning Gambling Strategy

Listen Here: Have you ever thought about walking out of your current job to pursue a career you’ve always dreamed about? Well, that’s exactly what Greg Elder did when left his job as an insurance salesman to try and support his family as [...]

Podcast: New Hiring Trends

Listen Here: Bradley Richardson is an Executive Recruiter, Best-Selling Author and Career Development Coach who share his perspectives on the hiring trends of 2014 and how job candidates can increase their chances of getting hired. What [...]

There Is No Crying In Coaching: Why And When We Need To Suck It Up

The COACHING class, Principles of Coaching, at The University of Akron has garnered interest around the sports world. ESPN wrote about it this summer as news of former Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel teaching a class on coaching ricocheted among [...]

Reflecting On Mandela

We all have had a few weeks to reflect on the life and times of Nelson Mandela, an amazing revolutionary who fought for inequities at the risk of his own well being. His life achievements have changed the world and how we look at violence, inequities, [...]

Podcast: Master the Digital Job Interview

Listen Here: Paul Bailo is a Digital Marketing Technology expert and founder and CEO of Phone Interview Pro, a service for jobseekers who want to perfect their telephone job interviewing skills and Paul’s new book, The Essential Digital [...]

Podcast: Using LinkedIn To Find A Job

Listen Here: Bruce Hurwitz is the president and CEO of Hurwitz Strategic Staffing, and a recognized authority on LinkedIn. His two accounts consist of over 38,000 first degree connections and by using this network, he has successfully closed [...]

RoundUp: What Job Interview Questions Keep You Up At Night?

Is it “what would your former boss say about you?” Or the dreaded “tell me about yourself?” JenningsWire queried real life job candidates, as well as the pros, to find out what oddball questions caught them off guard.  Not [...]

Energy is Your Air: Like Water is to a Boat

ENERGY is our AIR. We rarely talk about energy and we rarely talk about air. Not the “oh it’s polluted” kind of air. Just air. Yet it is necessary to our existence and present in our life every day. We can’t see air and we can’t smell [...]

Mentorship Is Like Wizardry: Find Your Glinda

My favorite definition of a wizard is a person with a power or effect that appears magical by its capacity to transform. That is what you need to look for in your wizard, your mentor: the ability to help you transform. Having a great mentor [...]

Podcast: Create A Healthy Work/Life Balance

Listen Here: Janet Bernstein who in 2009 was a newly separated stay-at-home mom in her early forties with no money, career, or education. Today, she’s an Ivy League graduate, owns one of Philadelphia’s most successful professional [...]

Bullying Or Boys Being Boys?

One might ask, what constitutes bullying, even in the NFL? Jonathan Martin leaving the Miami Dolphins, alleging he had faced hazing and bullying form Ritchie Incognito has brought new attention to workplace bullying in a place known for over [...]

Podcast: Great Work: How To Make A Difference People Love

Listen Here: Most research about success in the workplace studies personality traits, but David Sturt, took a different approach. He studied Great Work itself—under what conditions it happens, and what people are doing when they produce it. His [...]

Conversational Intelligence And The Government Shutdown

A couple of things happened on October 1 that I want to discuss here. First the US government shut down due to a budget impasse over the Affordable Care Act.  Second, a book called Conversational Intelligence by my friend Judith Glaser was [...]

October Is Bully Prevention Month

Do you feel stressed out at work when dealing with a particularly aggressive individual? Do you feel coerced to comply with unreasonable demands, or berated for little things? Does the treatment from your boss or others escalate and become more [...]

RoundUp: Getting Your First Career Job, What Works, What Does Not!

Ever wonder what it takes to get your first career job?  How are other recent college grads doing it? JenningsWire features real life recent grads who tell what worked and what did not work for them in landing their first career job. JenningsWire also asked [...]

Ghost In The Machine: Cyber Harassment, Technological Bullying

Have you ever dreaded opening your email or other electronic messages because the tone and language was beyond insulting? As we all are increasingly relying on email, texts and electronic communication in work and education, the opportunity [...]

Podcast: Top Job Search Tips for LinkedIn

Listen Here: Cheryl Palmer is an executive career coach, resume writer, and LinkedIn expert. She has been quoted extensively as a career expert in major periodicals such as CBS MoneyWatch, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, MarketWatch, The [...]

The Importance Of Surrounding Yourself With Positive People

I was feeling a little lazy this morning. Last night our friends took Cathy and me to my favorite Mexican Restaurant here in Denver – the Brewery Bar II – to celebrate my birthday. We had a great time, but this morning I was feeling a little [...]

Does Back To School Mean Back To Bullying?

A recent student by Dr. Leah Hollis confirmed that 62% of higher education professionals face workplace bullying. This statistic is 58% higher than the general population.  Does back to school at colleges and universities mean back to bullying? As [...]

Birth Orders: Graduation & Career Paths

You just graduated from college and your parents said “get a job”. Understanding your birth order will help. Each birth order has a set of personality traits that fit their “ideal” job. If you don’t find it now you will zigzag through many [...]

Backup Singer Or The White Hot Spotlight? You Need To Decide!

I grew up in the 60’s. Among other things that means I’m a rock and roller.  So when a new rock and roll documentary called “20 Feet From Stardom” opened, I was on it.  “20 Feet From Stardom” is a film about rock and roll back [...]

The Trayvon Martin Verdict… And The Healthy Workplace

We have been here before. A country becomes divided over a controversial verdict with the Rodney King Trial, or the O.J. Simpson trial. There is nothing like race and presumed murder that divides a country. And when we return to our desks the [...]

Why You (And Your Career) Need A Vacation

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I just returned home after renting an ocean-view condo in Newport Beach for one month. One full month of playing at the beach, building sandcastles, staring out at the ocean and digging my toes into wet sand and then watching it [...]

Is There Justice For GI Jane?

Do you remember the hardships Demi Moore’s character went through to become the first woman to join Navy Special Forces in the 1997 film GI Jane? The torment, the sacrifice and the even the frustration any woman endures to measure up to men [...]