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Reflecting On Mandela

We all have had a few weeks to reflect on the life and times of Nelson Mandela, an amazing revolutionary who fought for inequities at the risk of his own well being. His life achievements have changed the world and how we look at violence, inequities, [...]

Bullying Or Boys Being Boys?

One might ask, what constitutes bullying, even in the NFL? Jonathan Martin leaving the Miami Dolphins, alleging he had faced hazing and bullying form Ritchie Incognito has brought new attention to workplace bullying in a place known for over [...]

Podcast: Great Work: How To Make A Difference People Love

Listen Here: Most research about success in the workplace studies personality traits, but David Sturt, took a different approach. He studied Great Work itself—under what conditions it happens, and what people are doing when they produce it. His [...]

October Is Bully Prevention Month

Do you feel stressed out at work when dealing with a particularly aggressive individual? Do you feel coerced to comply with unreasonable demands, or berated for little things? Does the treatment from your boss or others escalate and become more [...]

Ghost In The Machine: Cyber Harassment, Technological Bullying

Have you ever dreaded opening your email or other electronic messages because the tone and language was beyond insulting? As we all are increasingly relying on email, texts and electronic communication in work and education, the opportunity [...]

Does Back To School Mean Back To Bullying?

A recent student by Dr. Leah Hollis confirmed that 62% of higher education professionals face workplace bullying. This statistic is 58% higher than the general population.  Does back to school at colleges and universities mean back to bullying? As [...]

The Trayvon Martin Verdict… And The Healthy Workplace

We have been here before. A country becomes divided over a controversial verdict with the Rodney King Trial, or the O.J. Simpson trial. There is nothing like race and presumed murder that divides a country. And when we return to our desks the [...]

Is There Justice For GI Jane?

Do you remember the hardships Demi Moore’s character went through to become the first woman to join Navy Special Forces in the 1997 film GI Jane? The torment, the sacrifice and the even the frustration any woman endures to measure up to men [...]

Bullying? Round Two At Rutgers?

As Rutgers scrambled this spring in the midst of the player abuse scandal and the wake of the Mike Rice era, they have fallen further down the rabbit hole of controversy with the hiring of Julie Hermann as the new Rutgers Athletics Director. According [...]

Micro-inequities: Little Things Mean A Lot!

Micro-inequities can be like little paper cuts. Layla, a 35 year old Latina woman (who looks ten years younger than her age) is starting her new job as senior director of her division, supervising over 20 employees. Despite her corporate dress [...]

R U Bullied?

How can this happen at Rutgers? I am a Rutgers Alum, and thrilled with the education I earned “on the banks”.  I am a former student athlete and two year letter winner in volleyball at Rutgers.  I have served as the Director of Academic [...]

Black & Blue Shouldn’t Lead To A Pink Slip

Imagine you are at work and your bubbly colleague, Theresa, has seemingly changed personalities. A once vivacious office contributor has become quiet, withdrawn and nervous. You notice that Theresa has been coming to work late.  She leaves [...]

Fall In Love With Work Again

You will spend more waking hours on the job than you will with family and friends. It is no surprise that people who have stressful and toxic work environments have higher rates of hypertension, diabetes, depression and other stress related [...]

Martin Luther King Day Of Service Starts At Work

Martin Luther King Day of Service Starts at Work Did you know that Martin Luther King was only 26 years old when he led the Montgomery Bus Boycott?  At the age of 35 he won the Noble Peace Prize and at 39, he was slain in Memphis, Tennessee. [...]

Is It The End Of The World To Return To Work?

The holidays are a notorious time to let your hair down, enjoy some egg nog and engage in secret Santa activities with the staff. When the tinsel is taken down, and the lights dimmed after the holiday, do you feel it is the end of the world [...]

YOU’RE FIRED! But Wait, My Life Isn’t A Reality TV Show…

Richard had been a rising star in his company since his initial point of hire four years previous. He had landed major clients, bonuses, and was recognized regionally and nationally for his work.  Despite the recession, Richard’s life was [...]

Holiday Cheer & A Healthy Workplace

As we reflect on a cheerful holiday season, many people will feel the angst of returning to a difficult place to work after the holidays are over. The reprieve from a hostile or aggressive workplace can be all too short and in some cases leave [...]

Innovation Strategy And The Elephant In The Room

A good friend and colleague of mine is an expert in innovation strategy. He has held professorships at leading business schools in Europe and has worked with the top management of a number of large corporations on their business strategies. [...]

Don’t Be Afraid of the Office Bully Monster

We are entering that cherished time of they year… Halloween moving through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years is a time where office parties and progressively bad behavior seem to be overlooked underneath the haze of holiday cheer. [...]

Bullying Wilts Ivy On Ivory Tower

Bullying erodes higher education. Did you know that 62% of respondents in a recent survey stated they had been bullied or witnessed bullying in American higher education?  This is 58% higher than the rate of bullying reported by Namie and Namie [...]