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Podcast: Your Mental Health is More Important Than Your Grades

Listen Here: Dr. Kristen Lee Costa, is an award-winning Behavioral Sciences Professor and known as America’s Stress and Burnout Doc and author of Reset: Make the Most of Your Stress. According to the American Psychological Association, [...]

The Voluptuousness Of Living

“Everything is downhill from here, ‘cept what’s up…it’s all in your attitude.” Katie Lee, 95, Jerome, Arizona, singer, environmental activist. Long ago, before modern communications, before electric lights, before mobility—people [...]

Living In The Conversation of Your Life

Six days a week, I wake up early, pull on my jeans and head to the recreation center where I commit my body to a two hour workout. I swim a half-mile, lift weights, run, bicycle and meditate along with stretching in the hot tub. Why? I engage [...]

Can We Keep Calm In Every Situation Nowadays?

The internet meme of the British World War II slogan, “Keep Calm and Carry On” has morphed into any number of amusing applications. The latest I saw was “Keep Calm and Have a Tarot Reading”!  Is it really possible to keep calm in any [...]

Domestic Violence and Baby Boomers

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Which means that the media will be featuring many stories to bring awareness of and support for this devastating and insidious problem. You may read about the estranged husband murdering [...]

You Are Valuable During Each Life Session

You are a blank slate as of this breath, neutral. Whether you were very kind to many or you forgot to be, or became scared to be, you are loved. You are valuable. Whether you succeeded at your most yearned for endeavors, or fell short, or were [...]

Death: A Tight Shoe Taken Off So You Can Find A New Way To Dance

Last year, seven of my lifelong friends made their transition back to the greater dimensions of the universe. One very young and the rest spread across a time line of decades. Each lived a spectacular life. You might say that each died with [...]

Mother Nature Reaching The Edge of Silence

In the corner of my office, near my computer, a white marble statue stands against a dark blue velvet cloth to create a dramatic contrast. The statue? As a college sophomore, my humanities professor introduced me to the eminent Italian sculptor [...]

Be Kind to Yourself

You’ve heard the expression, “You are your own worst enemy.” Well, this statement is unfortunately very true. You are probably more accepting and forgiving of others than you are of yourself. That’s because you sabotage yourself with [...]

Did You Want a Trophy for that Competition?

Competitive nature bombards you and you likely compete with it all day long. Don’t think you do? Think again. Are you hurrying against time moving to your next meeting? Getting ahead of that car in front of you? Pushing up the line for coffee? [...]

Podcast: Under Pressure? Make the Most of Your Stress

Listen Here: Dr. Kristen Lee Costa is an award-winning Behavioral Sciences Professor known as America’s Stress and Burnout Doc. In her book Reset: Make the Most of Your Stress, Dr. Kris presents a framework to help us rethink our tendency [...]

Change is good. Transformation is even better.

We use words all the time. Often we don’t really know or think about their meaning. Heart murmur was a word like that. Until my dog was diagnosed with one, I didn’t really know what it was. In business we use words like change and transform [...]

Time for Re-creation

Summertime is known for recreation – sports, swimming, biking and hiking! Unfortunately what is supposed to be fun, can also be an extra burden on our bodies, minds and spirits. There are just so many hours in the day, and with extended [...]

The Silent Treatment And Workplace Bullying

Sondra was tasked to work on the vice president’s objectives. She was leading a team of customer service representatives who needed training and who also were juggling their contact time with clientele.  At the kick off meeting, everyone [...]

The Bridge of Love in Paris – The Picture of Compromise

I am not a big fan of compromise. Yet I understand its role in our personal and professional lives. I wish compromise meant we did it my way. On a recent visit to Paris, France (not Paris, Texas) I saw an image that was to me the picture of [...]

Your Creative Mind: Unpredictable Collision of Thought and Circumstance

How do ideas strike you? When do they hit? Have you heard of the phrase, “Stroke of luck…flash of insight…eureka moment!” Creativity involves anticipation mingled with uncertainty. For the record, ideas grow out of your brain through [...]

Do Not Ignore Your Mental Health Issues And Addictions

From my own experience. As a person who has dealt with fear, anxiety, and stress for over 20 years, the number one thing I learned was to not take my mental health issues for granted and to get help. When I first started dealing with my fear [...]

Find a Safe Place to Dance

In your life, someone cheated you out of something. Another lied to you. Others gossiped about you. At some point, you suffered the loss of a friend, parent or spouse. Someone hammered you on the tennis court, chessboard or the boardroom. A [...]

Forget What You Have Lost

Sometimes, our lives can change swiftly. Aside from the death of a loved one, change may actually be a good thing. If you are moving out of a long-term relationship, such as divorce, changing jobs/careers or retiring, dealing with a midlife [...]

The Point Of True Beginning: Your Perfection

Back in the 1880s while living as a sawyer in Yosemite National Park, America’s first ecologist, John Muir, lived face to face with nature. He climbed into the High Sierras throughout his life. He summited mountains, fished in clear streams [...]

You and Time

Even though it’s bitterly cold and snowy, the calendar tells me we’re already into the thawing season. A third of 2015 is nigh being reached and no doubt you’re wondering where the time went or is going – with or without you. Time is [...]

Podcast: Overcoming Obstacles For Change

Listen Here: Certified Life Coach, Glenda Thomas, is the owner of Integrated Life Coaching. is co-authoring a book with Jim Britt and Jim Lutes entitled The CHANGE. Overcoming Obstacles For Change What is the book The Change to about? Why [...]

A Single Thread In The Tapestry Of Life: Tuscany, Italy

The mystique of bicycle travel fascinates most people. Why would anyone “endure” the pains of providing their own locomotion via pedaling rather than the comfort and speed of a car, boat, plane or train? The answer lies in the antiquity [...]

Podcast: Navigating Life – 8 Simple Strategies

Listen Here: Rachel Heslin is an author, speaker, and life coach. Her current book, Navigating Life: 8 Simple Strategies to Guide Your Way, explores how we can learn to choose from all the possibilities that tug at us every day. Navigating [...]

Illusion of Being Right: High Level Fear Wearing A Mask

We humans make judgments on just about everything that comes into our eyesight. We judge ourselves when we look into the mirror in the morning. We judge our friends by the cars they drive. We judge strangers by the clothes they wear. We judge [...]

Beating the Blizzard Blues

I concede I dreamed of a white Christmas. I will even admit I sang, “Let It Snow, Let It Snow.” Several years ago, before I retired from teaching, the thought of a “snow day” meant a whole day of relaxing, catching up on grades and staying [...]

Becoming Empowered But Still Being Loving

Discussing the ways in which someone becomes more empowered on the spiritual path while increasing the ability to be loving is a subject of some confusion. People tend to equate empowerment with toughness, and love with softness.  Can these [...]

Feeling Discouraged Early in Another Year – Now What?

Are you failing your New Year’s resolutions? Bored and onto a new trend? Starting another project because the current one isn’t going well? Feeling the let down of early winter? You’re not alone in your disappointment. I’m never sure [...]

Podcast: Heal Your Memories, Change Your Life

Listen Here: Frank Healy is a Life Coach and Licensed Professional Counselor, author of Heal Your Memories, Change Your Life which provides practical tips and exercises to help heal from memories that make you angry, depressed, or anxious, [...]

Podcast: Animals Are Our Best Teachers

Listen Here: Kelly Meister Yetter is the author of Crazy Critter Lady and No Better Medicine. Both books detail her experiences rescuing abused and unwanted animals. Both books also chronicle how caring for animals has helped her heal from [...]

Your Inner Life Elevates Your Outer Life

Back in our college years, my younger brother cut himself shaving one morning. He bled all over the washbasin. Blood ran down his neck and into the drain. He yelled, “Howard, you stupid expletive, expletive and more expletives! How can one [...]

Your Invitation to a Great Life

In recent weeks, my son Trevor quit his well-paying pharmacy tech job in Denver, Colorado for a “room and board” position in a quiet village in the Austrian Alps. He sickened of his role in filling drug prescriptions for people addicted [...]

Podcast: Why We Don’t Feel Well

Listen Here: Michael Galitzer MD has been practicing Anti-Aging and Energy Medicine for the past 28 years.  He is here to tell you how you can attain Outstanding Health, which is the name for his soon to be released book. Why We Don’t [...]

Podcast: Fostering Self-Confidence In Kids

Listen Here: Dr. Frank Sileo is a NJ licensed psychologist and award winning author that will be discussing how to foster self confidence in children. His latest book is Don’t Put Yourself Down In Circus Town: A Story About Self-Confidence.  Fostering [...]

Erik Weihenmayer: Turning Into the Storm of Life

Ray Charles learned to play the piano as he lost his vision during his childhood. In his 70 years, he scaled musical heights beyond the ordinary. Helen Keller, blind, deaf and mute, learned to read and write as she sped toward becoming one of [...]