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How I Deal With My Fear Of Being Alone

It is not easy when you are alone. I find it difficult to find the right person to marry or do things with my friends who are married and very busy. I also learned that even married people sometimes deal with loneliness. Here are a few tips [...]

How I Balance My Family, Job & Daily Stresses

I have a full time job and family responsibilities in addition to being an author. Doing all of these tasks sometimes makes me very stressed and anxious.  Here are a few techniques I use to take care of my family and career without getting [...]

How To Manage Your Anxieties Of Being On TV And The Radio

As an author of a managing fear book, I have been on a few TV and Radio Programs. Being on TV or on radio can be very exciting, however many people get anxious and sometimes fearful of being in the media spot light. Here are some suggestions [...]

How I Managed The Fear Of Losing My Job

For 20 years I had a rough time getting through each day. It was scary and very tough especially during the week because I had to go to work the next day. How will I be able to go to work and do my job when my fears and anxiety are overwhelming [...]

How I Managed My Fears Of The Future

I struggled with fear and anxiety for 20 years. One of the greatest fears I had to deal with was the fear of the future. A lot of times, I would worry about what would happen if I was unable to manage my fears in terms of my career, relationships, [...]

How I Manage The Stress Of Making The Right Business Decisions

I have struggled with fear and anxiety for over 20 years. I will always deal with these issues in my life, however, the most difficult part of managing my book is making the right business decisions. Most of my friends and relatives are not [...]

How Entrepreneurs Can Deal With The Fear Of Failure

Many successful entrepreneurs deal with the hidden fear of failure. I manage most of my business responsibilities of my book. Here are some suggestions I try to use to my manage the fear of failure in business. The first thing I and many entrepreneurs [...]

How I Took Care Of My Pets And My Mental Health Issues

I have struggled with fear and anxiety for over 20 years. There were some weeks I really struggled in doing my daily routines. As an animal lover, I also have some pets and I always worried what would happen to my pets if my mental health got [...]

How I Broke The Vicious Cycle Of Worry And Fear

Taking Exams was the toughest part of being a student at Penn State. Each exam was 35% of your final grade at the end of the semester. This means that if you messed up on one exam you would be lucky if you passed the entire class. If you failed [...]

Why I Didn’t Turn To Drugs And Alcohol To Take Away My Fears

I struggled with fear, anxiety, and stress for over 20 years. There were many times I felt like giving up because my fears and anxieties were stronger than what I could handle. It was difficult getting through a normal day and there were times [...]

An Important Lesson I Learned About Peer Pressure

It was difficult for me to deal with my fears and anxieties and the peer pressure from my friends. Dealing with fear and anxiety on a regular basis was very difficult let alone trying to live up to my expectations from people I knew. I realized [...]

When A Loved One Struggles With Fear, Anxiety, And Addiction

It can be very tough when a loved one is struggling with fear, anxiety, and addiction. The person who is struggling has their life spiraling out of control while family members watch helplessly in anguish.  I struggled with fear and anxiety [...]

How I Managed My Fearful And Negative Thoughts

I’ve had my share of dealing with fearful and negative thoughts in both my career and personal life. The first thing I learned was to replace my negative thoughts with positive statements. For example, I would have a difficult time in [...]

If They Only Knew

My experiences managing fear. I was eighteen and I was going to the main campus at Penn State to start college. I really wanted to go to Penn State however the odds of me succeeding were against me. First, I knew that it was very hard for a [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Lose Hope In Dealing With Your Fears And Depression

I struggled with fear and anxiety for over 20 years and there many times I felt like giving up. There were times I was at the end of my rope and I did not know what to do. There were times that my fears, anxieties, and depression were so much [...]

How I Dealt With People Who Did Not Understand My Mental Health Issues

Friends and professionals. Throughout my 20 years of personal experience in dealing with fear and anxiety, I  had a challenging time in getting my friends to understand my  issues with fear, stress, and anxiety. Most of my friends and relatives [...]

Convincing A Person To Get Help For Their Mental Health Issues

Getting help. When I began my struggle with fear and anxiety, the first thing I did was to seek help from a mental health professional. I  realized that in order to deal with my fears effectively, I had to educate myself on the techniques that [...]

How I Dealt With My Persistent Fears & Anxieties

As the author of a book on managing fear, I have struggled with fear, anxiety, and stress for over 20 years. During this time, I have talked to various professionals in the counseling fields, read many books, and researched many ways on how [...]