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Gear Up Your Creativity

The artist’s calling can be a helpful muse when she yells, but sometimes she whispers and it’s hard to hear her suggestions. Seasonal shifts can bring creative chaos. In spring my own projects move from inside to outdoors. Painting by the [...]

Podcast: Renovate Your Life

Listen Here: Michelle Neujahr is a a motivational speaker, business coach and assistant professor of business. She works with individuals and organizations ready to RENOVATE – to revive, renew and reinvigorate their life and [...]

Old Dogs, New Art Tricks

I’ve found a few new tools to make it possible for me to create something on an almost daily basis. This is a very good practice to incorporate into my routine. Of course, I’ve had some pitfalls to navigate, like learning to use a new portable [...]

Pacing Your Playtime Offers Creative Payback

Learning to pace how we play is as important as making the time to play. Are life’s challenges something we must solve quickly, or can we unite with our playful spirit and find creative paybacks? While some creative projects are driven by [...]

Will Your New Year Be Full Of Kindness Or A Kind Mess

It’s important to think about kindness in relationship to creativity because creativity thrives in a positive environment. Already well into the New Year it’s time to insure the kindnesses surrounds your creativity. I’m not suggesting [...]

Trading With Creative Currency

Name three forms of currency that could pay for your creativity. Currency is the medium of exchange and usually has a form of circulation. We circulate coins and bills when we shop. We slide plastic which moves money electronically. However [...]

Make A Stand In Your Mind: Hope

Passion drove such men as Leonardo da Vinci to paint the Mona Lisa. That same desire compelled men like the Wright brothers to create an airplane so they could fly. Passion drove Susan B. Anthony to organize the suffragettes to bring voting [...]

Feeling Challenged by Change? Use the One-Two Punch that Powers Creation

Once in a while things spin out of our control. Of course full control is only an illusion, but it’s an illusion we crave, and on many levels need to maintain our balance. If you’re a creative soul, the wild torque that reorders the things [...]

Always Accept Your Muse’s Invitation

Does it seem that your inspirations and ideas come out of nowhere? Perchance they are the invitation from your Muse. Muses can be a bit flighty, air-headed and flippant; and they will take you, their charge, on amazing journeys. As a creator [...]

Can You Create When You’re In The Dumps?

Life seems to demand that creators create no matter what happens to them. But, is this human reality? I mean, can you really be wonderfully imaginative when you’re stuck in a down turn? It could be anything that has you in its grip – lost [...]

Podcast: How To Be Creative On Command

Listen Here: Jennifer Blanchard is a Creative Wellness and Writing Coach and author of the upcoming book, Creative On Command, where she talks about how to nourish your creativity so it’s always ready to come out and play. In this [...]

What Can A Creativity Coach Do For You?

Through the powerful skill of listening, a great creativity coach offers encouragement, and who doesn’t need more of that? They can also educate about general creative matters, and how you can be creative in your life, which includes the [...]

Podcast: Unleash Your Creativity!

Listen Here: Sandy Nelson is a JenningsWire blogger, artist and certified Creativity Coach who will discuss how to unleash your creative potential with her 5 Easy Tips to Use Your Creativity Every Day. Unleash Your Creativity! What makes [...]

Two Important Steps To Complete A Creative Work

Every creative individual has a process that helps them gain perspective on their work; and a specific audience they work to please. Quilters use binoculars backwards to see their large masterpiece at a distance, all the while thinking about [...]

Three Actions Of Highly Productive Creators

We can all have those days when we just can’t get things done. There may be too many distractions or we’re just too darn distractible. Either way you can use these three actions to work smarter and be most productive. Get to work. Don’t [...]

Three Rules To Making Great Art

Play. Play more. Play harder I’m not kidding. Play is perhaps the most important thing you can do in order to create. I will go so far to say that it may be more important than taking lessons or earning degree in any form of art. Why? Because [...]

What No App For This?

Creators need stuff in order to make their magical ideas come to life, but managing all that material can be overwhelming, and your IPad won’t help. The way you keep all the things that inspire your ideas, is as important as having the supplies [...]

Simple Practices That Lead To Success

Do you have a simple set of guidelines that keep you focused on your creative goals? If you are someone who creates you must have the skill set to be an independent worker. Someone who is a self-starter and can design, develop and manage a project [...]

Gathering Creative Nuggets

As you go about your day, do you think about what you need to create your next masterpiece? Many artists do. When do you find inspiration throughout your daily tasks? Some creative folks sit down in the wee hours of the morning and pound out [...]

How To Get Your Creativity Unstuck

When you have trouble feeling creative it may mean you’re stuck in the rut of prejudging your work. What is creativity anyway? For each of us there is a definition of what being creative means. Every one can define creativity in their own [...]

Project Planning Meltdown?

How much planning do you need to do to complete your creative project? You might say a lot or very little. One of my jobs as a coach is to help my clients learn to ask the right questions. The correct answer is to plan well enough to get your [...]

Creative Power Tools

I just got an email from a vender selling fantastic new tools. The kind I really like, handheld and powerful. I really got excited and wanted to hit the buy now button. Without thinking much about exactly which project I needed them for, in [...]

Already Blew Your New Year Resolutions?

It’s that time of year when the reality of great intentions to shift our life into the fantastic lane is about to crash. Welcome to the world of your actuality. It’s really a good place to be about now because it gives you a real and true [...]

You’re So Wonderful!

Ever have those days when you feel glum or weeks when you feel unappreciated? I worked very hard getting ready for a nice family visit this past holiday. In addition to reworking my web site, reviewing last year’s business results and making [...]

Doing the Work of Creating

A couple of months back, I spent a week painting and puppy sitting. It was a planned event during which I decided to keep in touch with my followers through the social networks. I created art, learned some important lessons, and played with [...]

Can Politics Affect Creativity?

I woke up this morning thinking about starting my paintings, still stuck in my head and ready for moisture and brushing. Then I turned on the news and heard all the same crap about the presidential and other upcoming elections. “The Final [...]

Scary Times… Not!

Hopefully, Halloween is the scariest thing you have to deal with right now. While many are panicking over the receding economy right now, let’s all try to focus on creating ways to deal with it and trust it will pass.  As Albert Einstein [...]

Why Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Did you know that specialization is a relatively recent compulsion? The Middle Ages confined higher education to law, medicine, and religion. In revolt, the Renaissance favored what we now call the humanities — classics, languages, literature, [...]

Imagine That: Three Late Bloomers Created Our Favorite Genres

Do your kids adore Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty? Are you a fan of Twilight or True Blood? Did you catch Ridley Scott’s Prometheus on the big screen? Or is Dr. Who more your style? We can trace the roots of fantasy, horror, [...]