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Defy Aging

Defy Aging‘I’m speaking about “Creative Aging” at the PWN International Women’s Conference in August, and while preparing my presentation, I felt the need to revisit my chapter by the same name, “Creative Aging,” in The Baby Boomer’s Handbook for Women.

To re-explore for me is writing about it, which is just my way.

As we age, and we’re all getting older, it’s so important to shape our views about getting older. Whether we like it or not, they help define how well we age. So drop the woe is me pucker face at every new wrinkle or thought of an unborn wrinkle. Instead, look at the advantages of aging, while you stay in touch with what you need to age well and on your terms.

As we age, the opinion of others becomes less important. That doesn’t mean that you become a slacker at work or socially. However, it means that we no longer over emphasize another’s view, it becomes less relevant to our own view of ourselves.

Despite the ‘wanting to look younger routine’ that we occasionally or repeatedly agonize over, as we get up there in our forties, fifties and sixties and beyond, there is more self-acceptance. YEY! We deserve it by putting up with a lot of our earlier self-defacing crap!

How do we age creatively? Here are a few pointers based on my ‘6 R’s to Creative Aging’:

  • Revise Your Views on Aging

What can hold us back in life are our heavy thoughts and beliefs. How we think about how well we’ll age is powerful mojo. It can influence your aging reality, so think and feel the upside of aging and refine your attitude. Decide right now that getting older has its perks. Create a gratitude ritual and make a decision to enjoy where you are in life, right here and right now.

  • Recreate Yourself

With raised self-esteem, we can reinvent ourselves and discover or re-discover parts of ourselves that are now awakening. Take up a new hobby, a class, or find a new friend. Newness adds joy and depth and helps grow us in many ways. Do something different weekly, even if it’s just carving out a new route to work, or a new exercise. It’s been drilled into us that keeping the mind and body active help keep us healthier and sharper over time. Not only is it true, it’s amazing how much more open to ideas and creative thought we become when we invite newness into ourselves in the art of reinvention and rediscovery of us.

  • Revitalize Your Relationships

I don’t know about you, but as I get older, I value and cherish my friends and family even more. Relationships are meant to be nurtured and the sheer wonder and joy of having people in your life for some time adds so much richness to it. Keep your relationships healthy and thriving, and appreciate the people in your life –they are among the wonders of the world!

By aging creatively we remember that we’ve conquered a lot in our lifetime just by living our multi-faceted experiences, and we note our past and present bravery.

We decide to see life as expanding rather than shrinking and we create perceptions and actions that reflect our own expansive selves!

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