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Podcast: Closer to Paradise

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Closer to ParadiseAmy White is a best-selling author, Caregiver Champion and Intuitive Life Coach who left her career to pursue her passion championing Caregivers after her personal experience supporting her teenage son through a terrifying mental health crisis. Amy is the author of the inspirational memoir, Closer to Paradise: A Mother’s Journey through Crisis and Healing, published by Motivational Press.

Closer to Paradise

  • You call yourself a Caregiver Champion, what does that mean and what drew you to this work?
  • Your story is such a personal one, what made you decide to write Closer to Paradise: A Mother’s Journey through Crisis and Healing?
  • What are some lessons that you learned going through this crisis with your son?
  • You mention in your book that you felt blame and shame, as a mother, can you explain?
  • How do you use your story to help others?

You can learn more about Amy’s work as a Caregiver Champion, coach and intuitive on her website at www.farfromparadise.org and you can purchase her new book (Launching August  2016) by visiting www.closertoparadisebook.com

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