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Podcast: Dear Mom and Dad: I Have Anxiety

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Dear Mom and Dad: I Have AnxietyCorine Toren is the author of Dear Mom & Dad, I Have Anxiety, which is completely written from the child’s point of view. The book talks about Corine’s struggles with anxiety as a child, but also leaves suggestions for parents about what they can do to help their children overcome anxiety.

Dear Mom and Dad: I Have Anxiety

  • Why did you write this book with such revealing information about your life and why is it unique?
  • Why is recognizing issues surrounding mental health, important?
  • Where are parents making their biggest mistake?
  • What can parents do to try to help their kids overcome anxiety?

Corine’s book, Dear Mom & Dad, I Have Anxiety is available as an ebook in various places, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the iBooks store, and Smashwords. You can also follow her on Twitter @ctors1.

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