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The Video Game Dilemma

Video games and isolation.

As the families and nation begin the long mourning process of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, we learn more about the killer…I write this in no way to glorify that person, but to educate people as to why this may have occurred!

I am not 100% convinced the content of these games being of no influence yet, but I am 100% convinced that the way these games suck the weak into hours upon hours, days upon days into social isolation.  This deprives the “users” (mostly children!) from meeting people, socializing, assimiliating, normalizing and appreciating human life!

If your child has some form of mental disorder….video games are most likely the worst thing you can allow them to become attached or addicted to!  These kids need real life activity.  Video and computer “virtual living” is becoming the common-thread for these monsters.  It is preventable.  Don’t give in to what “all the other kids have!”  The “other kids” may not have a social disease!

Don’t believe you are doing your child any “favors” by allowing them to become enthralled by “safely” playing video games!

There is less danger making them go out of the house with other kids and playing a real game like baseball, soccer, kick ball, whatever!  “Oh…that’s old fashioned!”  Yes it is.  But it worked, and it can be fun!

“Working Parents” often let their children fall through the cracks to some extent.  Most kids can deal with that.  “Latch Key Kids” can be just fine. However…if your child becomes increasingly withdrawn, unable or unwilling to socialize with family or friends, the last thing they should have is a “Latch Key” or…more importantly….a computer or video game to provide “babysitting” services!

The killer in Newtown was exactly these things!  When his mother wanted to get him out of the house, send him to college, or get him committed to a psychiatric hospital is when he reportedly “lost it,” and caused the inconceivable horror he did!  However, it was sadly too late.

Mental Health Services?

Sure and of course.  But, No “virtual living” for those kids afflicted with such disorders.  I strongly believe this is a very large part of the answer.  In my next book, Socialcide™: How America Is Loving Itself to Death,” I will address and discuss this matter (and many others) at length.  We need social change in America now!

Leo Battenhausen, MSW, LCADC, is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.