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Therapy As Creation, Not Compost!

Some therapists and clients think that therapy is only a compost bucket.

Tell the therapist how bad life is and get better. Dig up the details on a past trauma and feel healed. This is not true. As you emphasize what is wrong with your life, you deplete your energy. You make yourself a magnet for more conflict. This applies to animals also. When you ask a healer to dig up negative details on a traumatized animal, you may harm the animal.

Use therapy to express gratitude for what you do appreciate.

Allow your counselor to assist you with finding purpose-aim for what you would like to create. Discuss a problem as a means to identify what would be preferred as a replacement! Consider a session a sacred time for honesty about what you can subtract from your mental, emotional, and physical habits in order to end up where you long to be. Utilize animal communication sessions in the same way.

When I was in my twenties I attended therapy groups where we talked endlessly about problems. This caused me more pain so I sought out other means of healing. Years later I ran into people who were still focused on problems. Their problems had gotten worse! Meanwhile, I helped myself and others to meet goals, erase self-defeating habits, and find ongoing peace.

The method is simple. When your mind focuses on what you do not like, switch inner dialogue to what you love.

When you are emphasizing scenarios which disappointed you, stop! Instead, think about what you would like to create.

When stuck, practice the following.

  1. Identify in most simple form, what it is that impedes you. Do not attribute the impediment to anyone but yourself. Is it negativity, jealousy, anger, doubt, or something else? Be clear and straight forward with yourself. Identify what is in your way inside of you. Offer to release it. Ask life to help you to do so. Help can come.
  2. Feel where the quality you wish to release is located in your body. You can do this alone or with the help of your therapist.  (Do not do this on your own if you have been diagnosed with a mental illness. Seek the help of a counselor.) Merge so fully into the sensation that you will find, it melts. Discover what is underneath. You are apt to find, peace, joy, laughter or love in the middle of a non-preferred feeling!
  3. Imagine the quality you no longer need being extracted from your brain and body. Picture this happening.
  4. Watch the movie of your own life. Imagine seeing yourself on screen. There you are with your predicament. As you watch, tell yourself, this is actually the way the movie was meant to be. There is value for you. All is well even though the scenario is non-preferred. Watch yourself with the acceptance of circumstances; you naturally extend to those in roles, when you watch movies or plays. What happens? Some laugh and others breath relief.

May you now use counseling for your success and joy!

Read more posts by Laurie Moore Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, PhD. Laurie blogs for JenningsWire.

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