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Waiting For Life’s Storms To Pass

Stress Fighter tip #7: Weathering life’s storms.

Sometimes when life is hitting us pretty hard the best thing we can do to fight the stress that comes with it is bow our heads, say a prayer and weather the storm. In other words, we need to hang on as we wait for the storm to pass.

Recently I have been weathering such a storm. My father-in-law was in the midst of battling congestive heart failure when my best friend’s dad died due to his diabetes.

Several days passed after that and my father-in-law got increasingly worse until the point he passed away as well. The day he left us my granddaughter’s litter of 9 pit bull puppies started to die one by one. Then my Aunt left us on her flight to Heaven the following day.

For a week and half I must say it’s been back to back funerals and plenty of tears.

There was no way life was going to slow down in order for us to take a breath. It was going to happen whether we liked it or not. The best we could possibly do was bow our heads, say a prayer and weather the storm.

As I think about all the proper ways to “weather” or go through a storm I’m reminded of the thunderstorms we use to have when I was a kid. As much as I loved watching the flashes of lightning light up the house they were still scary. All five of us kids could be found huddled in our bedrooms just waiting for it to be over. Just about the time we thought it was safe to come out, the loud sound of thunder would rattle the windows sending us the message it wasn’t over with yet.

That is what life feels like sometimes and we need to hang on until the end.

It’s not a pleasant journey. It’s not one where we get to stand on the front of the boat counting the waves as they go by like a cars on the box train passing us by at a railroad crossing. We need to come prepared with the strength the Lord provides and the trust required to know that eventually this too shall pass.

Our problem is we get too impatient. We want it to be over the minute it starts. We want it to end long before it even gets going. The length of the storm is out of our hands, the length of our strength depends on the source in which we use to draw it from. As the storms in life send us one last thunderous crack to get our attention. A message rattling the windows of our lives telling us it’s not over we need to wait it out anyway.

Indeed the storms are over when they’re over and we will survive if we wait and weather them out properly. Whether we want to wait or not, it is still the proper technique to endure life’s storms as we bow our heads, say a prayer and wait for the storm to pass.

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