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What We Can Learn from the Super Bowl

Whether you are a sport fan or not, whether you are a Patriot fan or not, we all can learn from Super Bowl 49.

For that matter, we can learn from sports in general. On one hand we have heard about sports and their analogy to life, for our whole life. On the other hand often people deny the role or application of sports to their everyday life.

In some ways we have become a society of haters. Martha Stewart has her haters; Ann Hathaway’s haters even had a name, Hatha-haters. The I hate Rachel Ray website used to get more visitors than the Rachel Ray website. Four time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady has his haters.

Why not? He is close to perfect. And although he was resurrected from the ashes of being sixth on the QB depth chart, we love to create heroes and then tear them down. He is married to a super model leading a super model life. He just entered a very rarefied club with four Super Bowl WINS. Surely there can’t be anything about his life that is close to ours.

This Super Bowl was an epic battle on so many fronts.

You had the 15 year QB versus the 3rd year QB. The tall one versus the not-supposed-to-be-effective smaller version of QB. The one married to Giselle versus the one just divorced from his high school sweetheart.

Yet I see so many lessons we can learn from him. Sure most of us won’t play in the NFL or have to come back from a 10 point deficit. Still, we can learn from him whether you like him or not, whether you believe him or not, whether you think he was a part of Deflate-gate or not.

You are going to make mistakes-get over it.

Brady opened the game with a bad interception, not that there are good interceptions. He ended up with two, and had to come back from a super bowl tying 10 point deficit. Yet he led his team back again and again. He is the leader and everyone looks to him.

He is a known perfectionist. At training camp he is known for having his receivers run their plays over and over and over again. This is a game of inches and now it is a game of fast inches. One rotation of the ball can make all the difference. He embraces being a perfectionist rather than recoil from it.

He exemplifies mental toughness.

We look at his record, his wife and we think he leads a pretty good life. I think the hardest part about huge success has to be the mental part not the physical part. To stay mentally tough amidst luxury and success I truly respect. It took a toughness to get through Deflate-gate-whatever you feel about guilt or innocence. The burden of making history by entering the elite club of four has to weigh a thousand pounds. Then to be behind by the largest margin in Super Bowl history requires a degree of mental toughness I can only imagine.

At the end of the game you saw him on the sidelines jumping up and down like a kid. That even reminds us to enjoy the moment, be a kid, show enthusiasm. A shout out to Malcolm Butler who is now going to Disney. He was released from his college football program, worked at a Popeye’s, went back to school, was undrafted, arrived at the epic New England Patriots as an unsigned rookie, has been involved in only 200 plays the entire season, yet wins the Super Bowl for the Patriots.

What do we learn?

Be prepared for your moment in the spotlight. At The Ohio State University the football program preaches to all players that you will get a chance. You better be ready because you may only get one. How true for all of us.


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