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Podcast: Pump It Up! Exercising Your Heart To Health

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Podcast: Pump It Up! Exercising Your Heart To HealthJoe Petreycik is a registered nurse, clinical exercise specialist, and two-time Mr. CT bodybuilding champion who uses his diverse background to help strengthen the heart health of people with various forms of heart disease.  Joe is author of Pump it Up!: Exercising Your Heart to Health to not only help those in recovery, but help prevent others from having a first or future heart attack.

Pump It Up! Exercising Your Heart To Health

  • What misconception do people have about exercise?
  • Is walking regularly enough?
  • Why is adequate hydration so important to heart health?
  • What are some of the biggest mistakes people make?
  • How can people effectively work out at home without buying tons of equipment?

Whether it’s “Pumping up” your muscles with resistance training, “Pumping up” your heart with aerobics, “Pumping up” your body with heart-healthy nutrition, “Pump it Up!” serves as a how-to guide and sound reference.  Pump it Up! can be found at Amazon.com, as well as the author’s website, http://www.pumpitup-thebook.com/

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