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What’s Age Got To Do With it?

Has anyone ever said to you, “Boy, you look great. You’re how old?”

That must make you feel really good, since nobody wants to look his/her real age.  But what if you’ve heard the opposite.  “I’m so sorry; I didn’t realize you were only ____.”

The concept of age is really all in your mind.  It’s basically a perception, perhaps a philosophy of life.  There’s no real way you should be or act at any given age, nor are there any set rules to follow.  Age is more a concept that you live by and don’t question, because that’s just the way it is.

I don’t “feel” my age because I don’t know what a 60-year-old should feel like.  Sure, I can’t work out as hard as I used to, or climb stairs as easily, but inside I still feel like I’m 30.  Is it OK to dance around and be silly?  I say, why not?  Why can’t I let loose, be carefree and feel exhilarated with life?

What can you do to keep yourself looking younger and feeling more vital?  How can you remain open and receptive to the wonders life has to offer?  Here are a few tips.  Keep in mind that you don’t want to do foolish things, but it’s important to enjoy your life with as much energy and delight as you can handle.

1. Maintain a healthy body weight.  Easier said than done, but by reading labels, keeping your salt intake down, restricting the amount of sweets you eat and limiting restaurant foods to once/twice a week, you can probably drop a few pounds, which will give you the incentive to keep going.

2. Stay active in body and mind.  Make exercise your regular routine, so that it becomes a genuine habit.  Three/four times a week do aerobic exercises (walking, biking, swimming), plus lift weights and you will energize your body and increase your metabolism.  Keep your mind active also, by learning and doing new things that you enjoy and find stimulating.

3. Be sociable and stay connected with friends/relatives.  When you have daily interactions with people you enjoy talking to or being with, you feel like part of a community – a key element for staying healthy and alert.  The camaraderie and contact you encounter is good for your heart and even better for your soul.

4. Let negativity roll off your back.  The more you allow the stresses of life to get to you, the more your body will look weary and war-torn.  Pick and choose your battles.  Otherwise, let the little things be just that — little and unimportant.

Your chronological age means nothing if you look and feel ten years younger.  Take charge of your life and people will start telling you how great you look – because you know the secret to make it so!

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