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You Are Loved When You Are Challenged

Therapy can be enjoyable, feel healthy, and create good experiences.

Hi Friends.

Last blog I suggested choosing inner-dialogue in a way that feels delicious and nurturing. I mentioned that PTSD, anxiety, and depression can be positive journeys.  Hopefully my friends, you received my deepest message: You are not your problem! You are essentially good. You are experiencing a challenge which is normal. Healing this challenge can be surprisingly enjoyable.

You are probably wondering, how can this be enjoyable? Perhaps you are thinking, my PTSD, anxiety, and depression are miserable, lonely, difficult and upsetting.

May I offer you a new way of thinking? A new point of view may create a different healing course for you, a pleasurable one. PTSD, anxiety, and depression are energies that get our attention. These challenges remind us that we are experiencing contraction, seeking the next expansion. This is not failure! All life is composed of contractions and expansions. Babies are born via contractions and expansions.

PTSD means the body and mind are attempting to eliminate remnants of a dismantling experience. A person experiencing PTSD needs facilitation. With positive guidance, sorrows become gateways to peace.

Someone wrote me, thinking I suggested we need not face our problems! Quite the opposite, my friends. I was passing on valuable problem-facing wisdom learned from successfully helping hundreds of people. Let me be transparently honest. I discovered this wisdom from going through PTSD.

Once plagued by severe PTSD after a series of life-traumas, I went to a variety of counselors. I found myself going into the sessions somewhat hopeful. I recall leaving helpless and devastated. I knew there had to be a better way.

I realized that focusing on gratitude was most important. Keeping a positive intention as primary focus helped me to find inner resources of strength.

I realized that experiencing PTSD as what it is: visions, thoughts, and feelings in the body was key. While reminding myself that visions, feelings, and thoughts are normal distress signs (not indications that I was flawed), a neutralization process occurred. PTSD symptoms are elements of memory looking for a way to be digested.

By speaking to myself with loving, pleasurable, inner dialogue, as I metaphorically suggested in the recent blog, I became well.  I extended this to others who had endured horrific circumstances. I noticed people relaxing and healing much more quickly. When people thanked me for the assistance, I felt exuberant to see them reborn, tingling with new found inspiration and peace.

So my dears, I leave you with this thought: challenges of life come and go but love and peace live inside you forever. When love or peace is missing under severe hurts, know that gratitude, intention, plus tenderly welcoming your symptoms with kindness, goes a long way. Assume contractions of energy are to be expected in life. You need not pathologize yourself. Be tender. You can find love within when you are hurting. Seek help from someone who will be tender.

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