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Don’t Rain On My Parade

You just can’t do it..

I can hear their faint voices saying to me, “Can you write more Australian themes?” “There’s no interest in Australia for your writing genre.” Hmm…have you ever heard the voice of someone telling you that you’re just not suited to do something? These are the statements I heard from Australian publishers. How can they justify saying that to me when they publish international writers in the same genre as me.

Why was it that being an Australian writer, they only expected an Australian themed style of storytelling? These publishers had blinkers on. The question was, why was I to be typecast for my creativity because I was Australian?

No way! I cried loudly and my street echoed with my distaste to these responses. My ambition to stay true to myself ignited. I replied to them, I wasn’t interested in writing just about our beautiful landscapes or a kangaroo named Ken.

I was passionate about storytelling! A story, that entrances the reader to escape their daily grind and to be involved in the life of an adventurous tale. Therefore, I enthusiastically continued on my journey with my theater plays and novels.

Find your passion

I now ask you, is there something that your passionate about? Is it taking that deserved vacation? Is it writing your own novel? Or is it finally saying something to that hot guy, you walk past every day in the same café? Whatever it is, that you feel you want to endeavor or to take on, from everyday choices to some grand dream… Go For It!

Who knows? That guy that you’re too nervous to speak to as your friends say, maybe he’s out of your league or he would never be interested, I say, how do they know? How does anyone know what the outcome of a choice, a goal, a desire or a dream you have is?

They don’t! It’s just their opinion and obviously their perception. Who knows? If you say ‘hey’ to that hot guy you may just begin a friendship or a whirlwind romance and that risk, is far more empowering than living with the regret of never trying.

In Lakeview, in my fiction series Magic Wars (that now has been published in the USA and has many fans worldwide) you meet characters who are torn between the same choices we have every day. When fear struggles against hope, and when love searches to override sadness or revenge. There may be struggles between immortals and mortals, thus wars explode but remember, no one in your life or our lives, should define who we are and what we are capable of achieving or having.

Have belief

Believing in your own ideas or passions is what makes you, you! Therefore, never allow anyone to define you, set your own worth. Now, what’s that goal, or choice you’ve been pondering and asking others for their opinion? Whatever it is just do as you desire and allow no one to Rain on your Parade.

There’s a very evoking and interesting character in the third book in my series. She is captivating! She has to…hmm…I believe I shall share her experiences and her interesting adventures with you in my next blog post. Until then never allow anyone to define who you are!


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6 Responses to "Don’t Rain On My Parade"

  1. Amy says:


    I love this interview, i am huge fan of Chrys Phillips and her new series Magic Wars Books novel! She is amazing author and she talks to everyone on twitter friendly person and loves to connect with her fans, she is loyal person always trust. I talk to her all time on twitter its amazing! She makes me smile all time, i know she does for many out there too.

    I have a blog for Magic Wars, i just can’t wait for more interviews, radio interviews, so much more for Chrys and Magic Wars Series.

    Woohoo Go Chrys Phillips! Love her answers!

  2. Jessica says:

    Amazing interview Chrys Phillips! I love it!!

    Everyone should read it and also her novel Magic Wars Books, i can’t wait to see it on my screen! Epic!

  3. Sarah says:

    I am huge fan of Magic Wars Books!

    I read first book Revengeful Heart! Amazing! Chrys Phillips is amazing author, i love her answers, i can’t wait to see Magic Wars on Screen too.

  4. Daphne says:

    Inspiring and postive article! I can relate to Chrys when she talks about her experiences and I definitely agree and think more people should believe in themselves and stay true to themselves.
    Looking forward to more of your posts Chrys! Keep it up and good luck with your book and tv series!

  5. Kelly says:

    Amazing! People thought it would never be this big and look at Magic Wars now!
    I love the first book revengeful heart and i can’t wait for the second book!
    The characters are great! Love to chat with them live on twitter!

    Im glad you didn’t let people stop you! Can’t imagine my life without Magic Wars now! haha

    You followed your dream! Being a bookwriter and you didnt let anyone stop you!
    I admire that!

    You inspire people! Make them follow their dreams telling them not to give up!
    You inspire me to! Your story is amazing! Go for it Chrys!!

    Can’t wait for the other books!

    Go Magicwars!

  6. Josh says:

    What a motivating post! I have never heard of this author before, but I do like her style of writing. I also agree with this blog and if this writer’s book series is anything like this blog post then I am going to buy the e-book. I also like this new blog it has many interesting reads.

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