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Life’s Coffin or Life’s Highway to Heaven

  Life’s Coffin or Life’s Highway to HeavenWhat do your really need in your life each day?

Food, water and a place to lay your head! Maybe a few friends to support your journey and share conversations! You need some kind of activity that provides purpose and a feeling of accomplishment. For happiness, you may choose to keep your life modest, unpretentious and spiritual.

But so often, society’s protocol dictates a standard job, money, house, family, status and cars. If you choose that route, you end up in a financial coffin beneath a ceiling of debt. You might end up ‘texting’ your life away.

Before you know it, the years gallop past in a tornado of dust. The dreams you fancied as a youth float like clouds across a mountain peak. Before you know it, at 40, your mid-life crisis slips onto your radar screen. If you could have done something different, you would have taken that path.

That’s why you may choose to make your twenties “the times of your life” as you create daily purpose by pedaling a bicycle across America or around the planet. You become a ski bum one winter. You could become a river raft captain on the Grand Canyon. You may become a fishing guide. You may love to backpack—so become a backpacking guide out in the middle of the Grand Tetons.

Whatever turns your crank: pursue it. Love it. Follow it. It’s the dreamers who take action that carry the biggest smiles on their faces not only in their youths, but far into their old age. Why? They lived maximum lives. They followed their life energy toward their own joys.

During this life journey, you learn, grow and thrive. You create daily purpose and accomplishment. You engineer one heck of a fit body. You meet new people that enliven your horizons. You roll toward fanciful possibilities. New skylines feature blazing sunsets. Food delights you. Campfires beguile you. Rivers enthrall you. Lakes touch your soul.

The night stars mesmerize your heart. Next morning, the sunrise enchants you and the world awaits your entrance into a spectacular day.

The Power of Adventure

When coyotes howl outside your tent, that may be adventure. While you’re sweating like a horse in a climb over a 12,000 foot pass, that’s adventure. When howling headwinds press your lips against your teeth, you face a mighty adventure. While pushing through a raging rainstorm, adventure drenches you. But that’s not what makes an adventure. It is your willingness to struggle through it, to present yourself at the doorstep of Nature. Can any greater joy come from life than living inside the ‘moment’ of an adventure? It may be a fleeting ‘high’, a stranger that changes your life, an animal that delights you or frightens you, a struggle where you triumphed, or even failed, yet you braved the challenge. Those moments present you uncommon experiences that give your life eternal expectation. That’s adventure! That’s your highway to heaven!

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