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Book Review: Count the Monkeys by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Kevin Cornell

Get ready to count monkeys.

We’ll start off on the very first page with one – cobra? That can’t be right, where are the monkeys? Apparently the slithery serpent has frightened them off. But how do we get rid of the cobra? How will we find the monkeys to count and how many will we find?

So much more than a counting book, Count the Monkeys by Mac Barnett is the funniest picture book of the year!

Breaking the “fourth wall,” Barnett invites readers to participate in his quest to find monkeys to count, and to shoo away the creatures who are preventing him from finding his monkeys. This is a wonderfully interactive book that is even more fun to read out loud. Kids will love reacting to the narrator’s silly suggestions for dealing with cobras, crocodiles, wolves, and even lumberjacks. Barnett magically transforms a simple counting book into a raucous, uproarious adventure! This is a book that even parents will enjoy reading over and over.

Kevin Cornell’s illustrations wonderfully capture the zest and spirit of this fun romp (He even extends the fun all the way to the endpaper.) With bright colors, comic facial expressions and lots of action, Cornell helps make this book more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

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