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Book Review: Snowmen At Work By Carolyn Buehner, Illustrated By Mark Buehner

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Snowmen At Work is the latest in the “snowmen” series by husband and wife team Carolyn and Mark Buehner. In this installment, a boy builds a snowman, then goes inside for the night.

When he awakes he finds that more snow has fallen, yet the sidewalk is inexplicably shoveled. The boy suspects his new snowman might have been responsible.

That gets him wondering what other jobs snowmen might have. Mark’s whimsical illustrations help bring the boy’s fantasy to life.

We see snowmen busily engaged driving snowplows, teaching class, repairing snowmobiles, and even performing dental work on other snowmen’s coal teeth. The text is rhythmic and cheerful and the illustrations are clever and, despite the frigid subject matter, quite warm and expressive.

Children will also enjoy playing “find the mouse” as a playful little rodent sneaks his way into each spread. There are even pictures of dinosaurs, rabbits, cats, and other items hidden in the illustrations that will keep children engaged for several readings (or until they peak under the jacket cover to find where they’re hidden!)

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