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Discovering Life’s Phone Number

Most people talk to God, pray to God or communicate in various ways to the creator of the universe—hoping that such a greater power exists to listen to them.

Some beg God to save them or help them at some point in their lives.  Others beseech God to rescue them, deliver them or forgive them.

Let’s give the concept a new name: what if  “Life” offered his-her phone number so you could call for guidance 24/7?

First of all, before we get to that heavenly phone number, let’s re-define life in the 21st century to fit our advanced knowledge rather than when our ancient ancestors created their definitions based on fear of the unknown.  Let’s re-define life as the “Emerging creative energy of the universe.”

The “emerging creative energy of the universe” aligns with creative process to create life and non-life.

Since we humans enjoy “intelligence”, it is possible that “it” contains “intelligence” within itself and expresses that intelligence through us humans. Or, it might express its intelligence through other life-forms in the universe.  It offers the yin-yang of two sexes of animals on this planet. Or, it offers no sexual orientation such as rocks and water.

It runs through you and it runs through me. It runs through plants and other creatures.

This pure energy expresses itself in you and allows you to express yourself through it.

When you speak to “It”, it speaks through “you” with equal creative process. If you want to make yourself feel better by naming it “Life” , well then, knock yourself out. Yes, its energy thrives through you and not separate from you. It is you and you are it.

It can be personal or non-personal as you choose to conceive it within your being. Is it good, bad or indifferent? It depends on your thinking, your creative ideas, and your thrust within its energy field. Actually, you make “Life” into whatever thoughts you conceive “it” to warrant.

The key: while you’re still breathing, enjoy yourself.

Laugh, write, paint, run, walk, talk, eat, love and follow your heart’s desires toward limitless creative process. Since Life expresses through you, when someone asks, “How are you doing today?”

You might answer, “I am showing Life a great time by riding my bicycle, loving my children, going camping, bowling or dancing…”

In the 21st century, we can forget “Life” as something beyond us. Its energy roars through each cell in our bodies. At some point, this thesis may evolve into an even more profound definition of God for the 22nd century as we humans gain more knowledge.

In the end, Emerson said, “God laughs in flowers.”

If you’re laughing, Life is laughing!  Life’s phone number dwells within you. Speak to Life with your heart, mind and soul.  Life returns your calls with “the emerging creative energy of the universe.”

As for me, I discovered “Life” in the burning embers of a campfire. As I gaze into glowing cinders, I see Life looking back at me. Life smiles at my face and I smile back.

Together, we watch the shooting stars overhead with a big smile on our faces.

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