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Give Thanks for the Next Day

Let me give you a vision. . .ready?

Turkey is prepared to be cooked with all the trimmings and your mother has just came back from the store with extra cans of  your favorite vegetables and sweets. Everybody sits down for a moment to have a discussion about the days events and then. . .the lights go out!  What?! The bill was paid. Hmmmmm..

Ten people gathered together to enjoy the festivities and this happens.

Well at least we have heat.

So here it is, no electricity to cook the bird~so what do you do?  Well, remember those cans of vegetables and sweets your mother brought home earlier?  Take the can of vegetables and there is always some sandwich meat in the refrigerator.  Turkey meat is the best.  Put the meat in with the vegetables to stretch the soup.

In the lines of something to drink. . .OOOPS! The water is also out… decisions decisions.

There will always be a bottle of real lemon juice kept in the refrigerator.  Add sugar, ice and voila, lemonade! If you desire to, let the ice melt to take the bitterness taste out of the lemon juice.

You’re in luck!

There is white bread for the sandwich meat if no one wants to eat the soup that was made.  You have enough to feed all ten people.

I come from a small family so this just happened to be enough to feed us and believe it or not, there was some let over. Instead of the traditional red velvet cake, sweet potato and pecan pie, my aunt made a banana pudding.  This is simple and nothing has to be cooked.

All you do is stir and chill. . .Ohhhhhhh that’s right! No electricity, another hmmmmm…

The instant banana pudding has to be chilled.

Since it doesn’t have to chill for long, place the bowl with ingredients on a block of ice.

Interesting huh?

So here you have your soup, lemonade, banana pudding, bread for the left over turkey meat for the sandwiches and you have just made your Thanksgiving a fun picnic

Good eating!


Stacey Barlow is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.