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If You Want More Energy, Clean Something

Sitting at my desk this morning, spinning my wheels, I knew I needed to do something in order to be productive.

Clearly checking email and cruising Facebook would not be helpful.

I looked around and saw the source of my frustration. My office was a wreck. I know that disorder holds me back.

In my book, Choose Happy, 25 Happiness Habits Transform Your Life, Habit 5 is “Clean Something.” That’s what got me moving again.

Just like the old adage: “You have to spend money to make money,” I have found that “You have to spend energy to make energy.”

I knew that if I spent energy (and time) clearing clutter, recycling old papers and filing what I will need to find again. I would be rewarded with more energy to work.

It happened. In my newly clean office I was able to relax at my desk and focus much better.

Here is an excerpt from my book Choose Happy:

I have discovered the therapy of cleaning… if you put your house in order it gets your head in order as well.  ~ Helena Bonham Carter

An environment that needs cleaning or contains broken, damaged, or dirty items robs you of energy and peace and makes you less productive.

It also increases the likelihood that someone will drop in and make you cringe. Cleaning is one of those things that you might not enjoy doing but you are glad you did.

If you clean vigorously it is actually possible that you can get the same sort of runner’s high that you get from aerobic exercise. But if your home or office needs a lot of work, it is best not to approach it as a marathon. Break the task into smaller steps and start with the area that you care about most.

What do you do when you want more energy? Does cleaning something work for you? Or do you have another tip to share with us?

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