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Menopause Rocks

Menopause RocksEach human and each animal experiencing menopause (pause from menses) is unique.

There are also shared similarities. Here is my personal experience.

For forty years I bleed each month. I feel deep passion surging through me. Impelled to creatively and service-fully assist with the planetary evolving, I am in motion. When I surrender to the sensations and moods of my cycle, artistic bliss takes over. The flavors of life are dancing through me. When I resist my experience, I am in immense physical and emotional anguish. While the planetary propaganda has brain washed women’s bodies into being tormented during menstruation, I find another truth. This cycle is key to bliss, love, and immense power when focused on fully, rather than fought. Resistance creates pain. Delving into the power that is  generated, creates many gifts!

I experience both of these realities at different times. I am not always capable of remembering what I have discovered. Planetary and ancestral paradigms are thick. Change requires tender patience and focused effort consistently. Grace follows.

Suddenly, at age fifty three, an instant change into depths of serenity of body, new to me, occurs. Soul and body finally find themselves to again be the same expression! For six years proceeding, there are competitions between the two. The peri-menopause transition time is stormy inside. Calling me into constant release and transformation of many layers of personal and societal paradigms, the pace of change is hard to handle!

New knowing of the idealness in the odd, twisted, complicated existence called “human-being”, feels immensely settling. Years of reaching, caring, helping are instantly replaced with immense acceptance. Both arenas of existence are very valuable and precious as the comparison makes evident. I am refocused to sipping the sweetness in every scenario, regardless of how it appears, perfect or imperfect. Just giving my soul to this life is enough.

I had no idea it would be such a change inside! I love both phases.

I am enjoying the grey highlights showing up on my head! Silvery star glitter. I keep dancing and bopping around in joy, feeling about three years old rather often. Yeah LIFE!!!

Innocence and trust of childhood suddenly returns. The intensity of need to heal and change the world is gone. However, there are decades of added wisdom mixed into the concoction of being human. I love it.

It’s my first month without a period so it may not be lasting. Yet it is vastly different and I delight. The intensity cycle does not rev up. Refreshing clarity comes in a different flavor now. I love this.

It is as though one light filled my existence for decades. Another light from deep inside my being fills me up now. Always been there, waiting for right timing. I am home. I am fine. All I ever did and was is completely right. With triumph or with error, with confidence or with embarrassment, with grace or with awkwardness, it’s all done so well.  BY ALL OF US. EXISTING that is. I am meant as I am.

One of the most beautiful forces on the planet is the passion created from menstruation. It is palpable, tangible and beautiful. It is designed to change the world and does. It is beautiful, challenging and incredible. Cherish the good of this force every second be it blissful or painful. It is not forever in you.

I find this meno-pause  phase is designed for loving the imperfect world as it is in, at least for me…not the same for everyone. I will still be a catalyst, just from a very different place. I was a changer of life by nature. I could feel I am forever and always part of. It’s like I entered another planet in recent days. I now know that while incarnate, I am also a guest. I am temporary as well. I am. The change is coming as some happy peace that doesn’t need much. I had such need for the intangible. I don’t think it’s true for all women but this was my basis until a few days ago. Wow!!!! Every single act of care I gave is showered back inside me. I am full of tools and also complete. Lifetimes flash within me, showing me this culmination  is an art-piece of love.

No sooner do I have this experience then I bleed again. The cosmic humor has it’s own play! The urges of emotion return, but this time founded in a much deeper knowing of my unshakable worth. Every single being has completely and absolutely unshakable worth. We are all designed intricately, uniquely, and beautifully in all of our tumbling about. Nothing to be done about that, It just is. Awomen.


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