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“Owed” to Springtime

“Owed” to SpringtimeIn 1842 Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote a lengthy poem celebrating young love, and yet only one line has remained vastly known: “In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.”

I would say that many of us agree, but most of us throughout the United States, would say,“In the spring our minds turn to thoughts of warm weather!”
Having just returned from Florida with my 90 year old parents, we met so many “Snowbirds” who fly south for the winter because they are fed up with ice, snow and the ridiculously cold winter this year!

According to the official definition, “Spring is one of the four seasons, the transition period between winter and summer. Its days are close to twelve hours long with increasing day length, as it occurs near the time of an equinox. In the Northern Hemisphere, Spring runs from March into May, and in the Southern Hemisphere it runs from September into November.” Spring is also the tropical cyclone season in both hemispheres, although it is delayed longer in the North Atlantic Ocean than the other oceans.

Personally, I hardly ever think of spring as cyclone season. I really don’t even think of much weather change other than in my own area. I do however think on “fancies of love. “

My husband and I first met in the spring many years ago and still celebrate our first date – a Jimi Hendrix concert.

But other than that, I think I am like most Midwesterners when I think of spring. I thrill to the first little yellow head of the daffodils in our front yard. The fish in the little pond in front of our house start moving again and coming to the surface for pellets of hand tossed fish food. The deer cease tromping on our decks and instead find plenty of food in the back acreage. The buds of green dot the trees throughout the area and a plethora of birds of all colors and hues greedily vie for the prominent place at the feeding table of the bird feeders.

Who does not love spring? Even the chores of gardening, weeding and mowing the grass all become hobbies. I love sweeping out the old dead leaves from under the porch; I thrill at the thought of opening the pool; and I cherish the new daylight hours we have to fulfill all of these duties. I can’t wait for the first ice-cream truck to ring the bells while children scream through the streets. (I reserve the right to be annoyed by both of these in a few months.)

I challenge all of you to enjoy this transition time of spring. Prepare for the thrill of the smell of the fresh mowed lawn. Get your garden and lawn tools out and put away your snow shovel no matter what the weather man says. Spring brings rituals and family traditions you only get to celebrate once a year. Get out the swimsuits and sandals; pack away the sweaters and coats, and let the celebration begin!

May this spring be your very best, most blessed, and may all your fancies turn to love!

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