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Podcast: Pregnant? New Baby? Need Sleep!

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Today’s guest is Dr. Richard Hansler is a physicist who spent more than forty years doing research for GE on better and brighter light bulbs.

It was only after retiring from GE and going to John Carroll University that he discovered that using ordinary light bulbs at night is damaging to sleep and to health.

“Pregnant? New baby? Need Sleep!” tells a new mother the simple things she can do to protect herself and her baby from the damaging effects of ordinary light.

Pregnant? New Baby? Need Sleep!

  • What causes sleep disruption? What is the impact on your health? Ability to think clearly?
  • What is the one thing we all do that disrupts our good night’s sleep?
  • How can avoiding exposing your eyes to ordinary light at night help you be well rested?
  • What happens when your eyes are exposed to ordinary white light at night?
  • What is the internal clock? How is it reset? How does light at night impact a sound sleep?
  • What is blue light vs white light?
  • Can this help people who are sleep deprived such as new mothers?
  • What about people with depression or seasonal affective disorder?

To learn more about Dr. Hansler, his book Pregnant? New Baby? Need Sleep! and his low blue light products, visit LowBlueLights.com.

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