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Podcast: Well-Sibling Syndrome

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Joan Heartwell has worked in the book industry for over twenty years wearing many hats. She is the author of four novels and several travel stories, but she never planned to write a memoir–until now. Her new book Hamster Island is a tale of caregiving and self-actualization abound with insights for all.

Well-Sibling Syndrome

  • The title of your book is Hamster Island. Is Hamster Island a real place?
  • What is “Well-Sibling Syndrome”?
  • Over the course of your life, were you able to get help from the various organizations that have formed around well-sibling syndrome?
  • How does growing up with special needs siblings impact your life?
  • What do you hope readers will get out of reading Hamster Island?

Joan Heartwell’s memoir, Hamster Island just launched as an e book, available on Amazon.com and the paperback is scheduled for release on May 15th.

If you’re interested in receiving notices and updates about the book, you can “like” it on FaceBook under Hamster Island. The author’s website is at www.joanheartwell.com

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