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Podcast: Sack The Phone Before Driving

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Sack The Phone Before DrivingBob Ragazzo is a certified Defensive Driving Instructor and founder of Save Your Teen Driver. Texting (also tweeting and snap chatting) While Driving has become an epidemic on our roadways, accounting for at least AT LEAST 5000 deaths and 200,000 injuries each year. Bob talks about the five essential actions for driving safely and why teens should sack the phone before taking the wheel.

 Sack The Phone Before Driving

  • How big a problem is Texting While Driving – really?
  • What are the two deadly driving myths that are major contributors to the problem?
  • Why aren’t people able to disengage even when they are driving?
  • Is there any way to reverse this trend?
  • What is “sack the phone”?

To learn more about Bob Ragazzo and his mission to educate teen driver, please visit www.saveyourteendriver.com

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