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What Optimists Do RIGHT

There is a common phrase, “Two LEFT feet.”

Usually this phrase refers to an inability to dance or clumsiness. What it means to me is that sometimes things just don’t go RIGHT.

Recently my friend, Nancy Weil, Founder of the Laugh Academy, went shopping and found a lovely pair of black, glittery, slippers. After she got home, she found that the box only contained one LEFT slipper. She went back to the store for a second time to claim what they referred to as “the floater.” Nancy returned home and soon discovered that she had two LEFT slippers. She then went back to the store for the third time to get the right slipper. She finally got it RIGHT!

Nancy’s story made me recall my own challenges of “two LEFT feet.”  Several years ago my mother and I went shopping for shoes for an upcoming wedding. We both purchased the black patent leather pumps. A week later, I saw my mom at the wedding wearing the black pumps and asked her how she liked them. Mom told me that her left foot was an odd fit. I told her that my right foot was killing me! We soon realized that she took home both RIGHT shoes and I took home both LEFT shoes. We traded our one shoe, talked about being Cinderella, and had a good laugh.

Here’s 5 ideas for keeping a positive attitude when things don’t go RIGHT:

Choose to be positive, realistic, hopeful, enthusiastic, and believe in the best possible outcome.

1.     Optimists are Positive

  • Find your feet (pun intended) and try to adapt to the situation.
  • After you identify what went wrong, remain upbeat.
  • Realize that sometimes you will fall flat, but as you look ahead, there is a lesson in failing.

2.     Optimists are Realistic

  • Figure out why you feel the way they do and keep an open mind.
  • Be practical and levelheaded with sensible expectations.
  • Be hopeful that you will achieve what you set out to do.

3.     Optimists are Hopeful

  • Be confident that some good will come out it.
  • Focus on what you did to change the situation into a better one.

4.     Optimists are Enthusiastic

  • Be creative as you constantly evolve from life’s negative experience.
  • Be eager to get it right.
  • Be passionate about finding a bit of humor in the story.

5.     Believe in the Best Possible Outcome

  • Focus on the outcome of the situation.
  • Pay attention to something positive that happened because of what happened.

 What I learned from this awkward and slightly painful experience is the importance of keeping a positive attitude when things don’t go RIGHT!

Barbara Rubel is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.