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Becoming A Magnet For Love

“How can I attract more love in my life?”

This is a question I’ve been asked a lot recently – from coaching clients who are looking for their soulmates, and from a good friend whose recent divorce left a void in what used to be a very active social life.

As I thought about the question as it relates to both of these situations, I remembered a coffee mug that sat on my desk for years, which I used as a pen and pencil holder.

On it was a quote by Gerald Jampolsky, the renowned psychiatrist whose work has spanned over four decades.  “Teach only love, for that is what you are.”  These words are so perfect, because they express a universal truth:  whatever it is that we’re seeking, we magnetize it by first giving it – to others and to ourselves.

Attracting more love into our lives is not about trying to find it.  It’s about recognizing that the experience of love we are seeking – whether it’s a romantic partnership or the love of friends, family and community – is sourced from within ourselves.  Now, I realize that for many people, this is one of those spiritual concepts that can be very hard to understand, so I want to give you a couple of real-life scenarios to help clarify exactly what I mean.

Have you ever had one of those days when you felt “off”?  A day when you just didn’t look or feel quite like yourself?  Maybe it was the result of spending too much time working and not enough time taking care of yourself.  Maybe there was no way to pinpoint the exact cause, but all you knew is that you didn’t look or feel your very best.  If you’ve ever had a day like that, you know that it doesn’t matter how many times another person tells you how good you look; you can’t really let in the compliment because you know that you are not looking your best.

Think now about a day when the opposite was true:  you felt productive, magnetic, unstoppable, you felt beautiful.  Was your “feel good” that day dependent on anyone else telling you how good you looked?  No.  And the reason for this is because you felt beautiful from the inside out.  You had no need to seek outside validation because you were generating all the validation you needed from within.

When we are in tune with the truth of who we are, we don’t need anyone or anything to confirm it.  We know that we’re fabulous, that we’re important, and that we’re deserving of manifesting all our desires with ease.  This inner knowing radiates out from us like an aura.  We light up every room we enter, and good things seem to follow us wherever we go.  In the same way that creativity inspires more creativity and one act of kindness builds upon another, the experience of love generates more love.  Plain and simple, the fastest way to attract more love into our lives is to give more love.

As you move through each day, make it a point to notice everything there is to appreciate, everything there is to celebrate, and everything and everyone that you love.  Focus on the feeling of love – imagine it being broadcast like a radio signal – and it will magnetize people and situations that are on the same wavelength.  The universe always gives back to us the energy that we send out, and the energy of love is the most powerful, magnetic, and contagious of them all.

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