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The Ex Formerly Known As Prince

Imagine Cinderella 20 years after the ball.

Prince Charming goes through a mid-life crisis. He tells her he needs his space to “find himself.” He follows that up with it’s not you, it’s me€ and €œwe can still be friends€. Then he hops into his sporty new little red carriage and takes off. Cinderella is left with a castle with a leaky dungeon and unpaid bills.

Oh, and all the little princes and princesses need attention too. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Okay, okay, I actually never bought into the Cinderella story and I didn’t expect to be rescued by a handsome prince.

I did, however, expect that the guy I married would stick around. So what did my fractured fairytale ending teach me? I learned that after the initial shock of a split wears off, there’€™s something fun about finding out you can take care of the leaky dungeon on your own. Sure it would be easier if the fairy godmother hadn’t retired.€“ She could just fix things with a wave of her wand. But being independent is energizing and exciting.

I also found out that the other princesses are the ones I can really count on.

They may have their own challenges with their princes, but they have time for me when I need someone to talk to. My pals check on me to make sure I’m not trying to fight too many dragons by myself. They remind me to make time to cross the moat and leave the castle to go out and have some fun with them.

Sleeping Beauty always has to leave first for an early bed time, but the rest of us can stay out and swap stories about our kids and laugh about how we used to walk around in glass slippers (though I’m not sure which are more uncomfortable, glass slippers or the high heels I see today).

So the moral of the story is:

Handsome princes may come and go but your friends will be there for you.

By Laura Browne, a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.