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Podcast: Why Hiring A Pro For Marketing Is Key

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Podcast: Why Hiring A Pro For Marketing Is KeyBill Corbett, Jr, is a 25 year veteran in the marketing, PR and business development sector. Bill makes his clients leaders in their industries, including real estate franchises, payroll companies, financial services and credit unions. He is a professional speaker, writer and business advocate that is here to talk about why hiring professionals for your marketing is critical to your success.

Why Hiring A Pro For Marketing Is Key

  • Why shouldn’t you just let interns do your marketing outreach?
  • Don’t make mistakes – Experts know the mistakes to avoid.
  • What should you ask before hiring are marketing pro?
  • Don’t hire a commodity – what do you mean by that? What is “commission breath”?
  • How much should you invest in your marketing plan?

To read more of Bill Corbett’s advice , check out www.corbettprblog.com where you’ll find over 90 blogs on marketing, PR, LinkedIn, Personal Branding, networking and other topics.

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