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Read All About My E-Book And Why Nobody Does

If you are not getting good e-book downloads on your free days, maybe you gave too much of the story away in your description.

Everyday I get lists of new books written by independent authors. I love getting the lists. There are so many uses of the lists and I find all the information that I need. I often wonder if the author gets what they need from having their information placed on the list. The main purpose of the list is to get people to read their books during their free period on Kindle or some other delivery system.

There are many people on the list so allowing your book to get the most attention it deserves should be the main point to the author. The author should also be concerned about who get the lists because you never know who will promote you. Therefore it is essential to have a good book description. I see poorly written book descriptions every day. This should not be so.

Many authors just think about individual readers or reviewers that get the lists, but what about people like me that do book marketing, or bloggers, or free promotions agents that link people’s books into their Google ads systems, library associates, or movie promoters. People in these groups make decisions to promote your book based on the description. You don’t want to blend into the mediocre pile. You want to stand out. Here are some tips that can make your description stand out:

1. Become journalist in your descriptions. Journalists write with the essential elements first. It is called a pyramid style of writing.

2. Remember that you are creating a tease. You want your description to give just enough information to draw interest but not to give the whole story away. I have seen so many descriptions that give the whole story away. However, if you tell everything what is the incentive to read the book?

3. Use action words. Make the reader feel compelled to want to read more.

4. Be clear. Write the description in a way that makes the reader see what’s in it for them.

5. Be succinct. Remember that writing a brief powerful description is more effective than writing a long, revealing one.

A better description will help to get more people to download your book and want to help you to promote it. Become skilled at writing them. That description is your hook to getting people to read your book.

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