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Podcast: Let Your Love Of Social Media Communication Help You Face To Face

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Patricia Weber is the author of the upcoming book Communication ToolKit for Introverts: Top Skills for Everyday Business Success, who specializes in inspiring introverts to live life at full throttle!

In this podcast, Patricia discusses how your love of social media can translate into more confident and powerful face-to-face communication.

Let Your Love of Social Media Communication Help You Face to Face 

  • How can you leverage your social media savvy into in person success?
  • Why is simply being yourself critical, behind the keyboard or face-to-face?
  • What are some myths that introverts themselves buy into?
  • How can you boost your confidence in two minutes, anytime you need it?

To learn more about Patricia Weber please visit patricia-weber.com as well as introvertsrulesocialmedia.com where you can download  a free, no cost, 40 page report about effectively using social media for those introverts, even busy baby boomers, called Storm Social Media Without Storming Your Brain.

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  1. Marva says:

    Great podcast Fraser. Looking fowrrad to the next part. I think your points about not chasing the highest commissions and concentrating on a topic you are interested in are really important ones to remember. Breaking into AM from a very specific angle that you enjoy, that’s searched for, but not too competitive already, really is the only way without a lot of pre-existing PPC knowledge imho. The shelf life’ of the site’s content and the maintenance that will be needed is something that could be factored in a bit more by potential affiliates, before they launch into their site. The simple electrical jobs is a good example content that adds value’ to the web, but can be left alone and will still be relevant 12 months down the line.

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