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Podcast: Social Media Success In Today’s Crowded Market

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In this podcast, marketing expert and iTunes bestselling author Zhanna Hamilton, who will shed some light on how you should be marketing on social media as a small business or entrepreneur.

Zhanna will be releasing the audio book version of How to Create a Successful Social Media Campaign in Today’s Crowded Market in March, and has some tips for business owners out there looking to jump start their social media campaign today.

Social Media Success In Today’s Crowded Market

  • Is it necessary for small businesses to have social media pages on every platform?
  •  What should businesses be posting on their social media pages to make the most of their social media campaigns?
  •  What’s the biggest mistake small businesses make when using social media?
  •  For a business owner who is new to social media, what should be their first few steps to get their marketing campaign started?
  •  If a business owner feels overwhelmed with managing their marketing campaign, what are some actions they can take to make the process easier?

To learn more about Zhanna,follow her on Twitter for the exact release date of her audio book, How to Create a Successful Social Media Campaign in Today’s Crowded Market, with her Twitter handle @ZhannaHamilton.

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