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An Age Of Inversion

An Age of InversionThings seem to be topsy-turvy in the world at the moment.

We have situations, for instance, where lawbreakers aren’t prosecuted, where people who claim to be tolerant are acting violently, where illegals insist on their ‘legal’ rights, where schools aren’t safe… and on and on. It’s as though, at least for many of us, myself included, the world is disordered and our values seem to be switched around.

I read something very interesting recently in one of my favorite magazines, Fortean Times* (August 2018), referring to “an age of inversion,” perhaps as an aspect of the Kali Yuga (Dark Age). A very thought-provoking quote from the article says “If endless ‘tolerance’ is now the West’s only true value then in effect that means we have no real values at all.” It makes the point that, by celebrating excessive diversity in the West, we’ve found ourselves in a situation where “reality itself has been turned upside down.”

I really pondered this. I know many people want to be all-inclusive, very accepting, and maybe (in keeping with the sentiments of John Lennon’s famous song “Imagine”), evolving into one world, one awakened humanity, and one paradisiacal Earth. But as I see it, humans have a long way to go to reach an elevated state of consciousness where duality (i.e., polarization) has been left behind, where emotional extremes such as anger, contempt, disgust, and fanaticism have been overcome, and that we all are sharing our lives and our unique potential in a blissful state of inclusion and common values.  This is obviously not where we stand at the moment.

Where we stand seems to be in a very chaotic, confusing, and disarrayed state.

Astrological aspects support this current condition (e.g., Pluto in hard aspect; too much Neptune; Eris and Dystopia active as disruptors). Personally, I yearn for a world that exhibits universal love and compassion, that sees and adheres to right values, and where people own their karma, refusing to engage in the very low vibration of victimhood. I yearn to see a world where we all co-create beauty and love.

How very different it all seems at the moment. But may we all aspire towards such higher goals, and do our bit to co-create such a world even if we are still on the cusp of the Kali Yuga.


* See review Nov. ’08 Spirit’s Words archived on WisdomPath.com

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