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Positive Mindsets and Lifestyle

Why are you you?

Quantum physics tells us that only you can create your own world with its infinite possibilities.  This out of the box- Quantum thinking- reaches into your mind through your thoughts and feelings and creates your reality. As you think, you shall become. Your world is a blank canvas created by you.  So, think to yourself now–how are my thought patterns and mindsets affecting my current lifestyle?

Rise Above the Fray

Are my thoughts and mindset supporting my goals and desires? Does my home or business reflect those desires? You cannot be surrounded by naysayers and hope to rise about the fray. You must step out of the fray in order to rise above it.  Hope is a word of non-action. Hope is like wishing. As you sit in your chair—hoping and wishing for more—those out there— actually doing—are reaping the rewards.

Successful people move past fear and take risks that are uncomfortable and unforeseen, ultimately leading them to a path of knowledge and personal success. They move one foot in front of the other and keep moving.

Chinese Proverb

Seek not to follow in the footsteps of the old; seek instead what they sought.

I encourage you to examine your life. Dump all your fears and doubts that keep you in your old world or self imposed prison that may be based upon someone else’s dreams for you.  Socrates believed “the unexamined life was not worth living.” Look  below the surface of all things to discover and uncover the possibilities of your life, your interaction with it, and your keys to achieving your highest potential—one step at a time.


Decode all  old ancestral histrionic programming of the past and replacing it with new, more appropriate programming to fit your today’s needs. This quantum thinking will help you remove emotional, financial, and physical blocks so you can project your thinking into a positive manifesting realm. The Law of Attraction states, “Where we put our attention becomes our intention.”

Today, directed your attention on the positive manifestation of what you truly want in life. Watch your words. No tales of woe, regret, or excuses are acceptable as you begin your new journey into the quantum realm. Sometimes all we need is someone or something to show us the closed door just waiting to be opened, and then to give us permission to open it. Move forward—and open that door.