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Judgment Alert, Here Comes Another Lunar Eclipse

Maybe you don’t follow astrology and don’t realize there’s a reason behind the ‘spinning.’

Perhaps you think you’re the only one who feels like they’re going nuts. Maybe you’re just hoping to get through the day without tripping on the carpet. Maybe, just maybe you’re ready to go judge…MENTAL.

What on Earth is happening? Well, slow down. Take a breath. What’s happening is not exactly ‘on Earth,’ BUT you’re feeling it big time.

The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius is on May 24 and 25 (depending on where you are in the world). And rest assured you’re not the only one who’s feeling the crazy vibes!

This is our last Lunar Eclipse of the year in the fiery sign of Sagittarius. The symbol for Sag is an arrow pointed at the Cosmos. Sagittarian folks are truth-seekers. This is what motivates them, the seeking, the learning, the quest.

But what if they actually found the truth? Who’s truth would it be? Theirs? Yours? Ours? If Sagittarius found the truth, what would they spend the rest of their time doing? Perhaps judging the validity of all the other truths! (I smell a new sit-com coming on…or a virtual reality show to top Judge Judy.)

I always recommend that when any celestial event in the sign of Sagittarius rolls around that we get clear on our judgments.

Those smarmy, nagging thoughts that make us want to carry burning torches through a village and yell at someone.

We’ve all got ’em. We all get a bit mental over them, too. Who ought to be doing this or that or how they could be doing it better.

But this particular Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius isn’t concerned with ‘them.’ No. What gets highlighted are the Judgments, the little parts of you that compare and contrast, that minimize others or maximize insecurity. This eclipse phase is going to help you find those places inside of you that either feel like you’re not enough or feel like they are a disappointment. In any case the ‘not enough clause’ is up for review.

Think about the times you harbor a grudge or hold in an icky emotion when you want to blame someone.

Oh, wait a sec. Here’s a perfect way to put this.

I was with my daughter and her friends this past weekend. They’re all 14 yrs of age, and of course, very worldly and creative! I asked if they could have a super power, what would it be? One gal said, “I’d have the power to literally slap some common sense into some people.” Of course emphasizing the ‘some people’ part as if she already knew who they were and why they needed a good slapping.

During this Eclipse phase-starting May 21 through all of June-if you feel like slapping some common sense into someone I’d like you to take a deep breath first. Examine the judgment. Instead of obsessing about it, get clear on how the issue causes you to feel. Getting clear on the feeling can help you realize that others may never reach our standards, or that others make mistakes and we need to forgive, to find that compassion in our hearts.

BUT deeper than this is finding parts of you that self-judge.

So let’s say you asked a friend to go to the post office for you. They agree. They say, “Sure. I’m going later.” But you don’t mention that it’s imperative that it be mailed TODAY. Later you find out that they didn’t mail the letter until the next day. You’re suddenly furious. You ask them about it and they say, “I got sidetracked. Couldn’t make it to the post office yesterday. The mail’s all going to the same place. I’m sure it’s fine. I didn’t know it had to be mailed yesterday.”

By now you want to ‘slap some sense’ into them, right? But were you very clear? Always check yourself first.

Did they own up to their part of the bargain? They did mail the letter. You assumed they were going to mail it that day, but they got sidetracked.

Stop. Pause. Breathe. Scan your memory banks. Have you ever done anything like this before? Were you forgiven?

Okay, maybe you never did anything like that specifically, but is there something in your past where you feel like you messed up or misunderstood someone? Have you forgiven yourself for it?

The whole eclipse energy is asking what role you’re playing in the judgmental game. It’s okay to get angry with someone. Express it in a healthy way. Get that anger out of your body. But to judge someone means you have an expectation for them to be you, to think like you, to act like you, to reason like you, etc. Yikes. The visual that comes to mind is a big rock and a big hard place.

Find the compassion in yourself and expand it in your body by breathing deeply. Then no matter what happens in the upcoming days that taps into your ‘not enough clause,’ repeat after me: “I was you yesterday…or I am you now…or I will be you tomorrow.”

This statement just might help you to find a truth or two.

Read more posts by Elaine Marolakos Edelson, intuitive channel, empath, astrologer, and energy worker. Elaine is a blogger for JenningsWire.