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Lunar Eclipse Tips

If you haven’t yet read the last post about the Lunar Eclipse and your sign, I’d highly recommend it.

Just remember that the planets, Sun and Moon don’t dictate to you, but rather illuminate what you’re doing on many levels. The Lunar Eclipse is officially on April 25, but you’ll notice the vibe starting the 19th or so and it’ll last through May. To get ahead of the Cosmic Curve…

Here are 4 simple tips to Co-create with the Lunar Eclipse:

  1. Begin around April 19th or so. Listen to the Bodhi Brainstorm Theta wave audio each day (see below for complimentary link).We’re taking tiny steps here. The tinier the transformation, the easier on your mind and body.
  2. WHILE listening, (especially the day before, of and after the Eclipse on April 25), state the following intention for the Eclipse, “I resonate the frequency of abundance.” Say it over and over again throughout the day.
  3. Have a journal by your bedside. Each night before going to sleep, write down the ONE thing that’s been bothering you–where you feel powerless or like a victim. As the nights progress, expand on that ONE issue. Keep it to one issue even if you think it’s tied into other situations or includes different people. Write about HOW YOU FEEL regarding this one issue of powerlessness.
  4. Before you get out of bed the following morning, take 3 deep breaths and allow yourself to capture an image or feeling or word from the dream you had that night. This is where some folks are adamant and say to me, “I can’t remember my dreams.” Okay, let’s PRETEND that you can. END the limiting statements, even if they represent a truism. We’re marrying biology with Divinity. It takes PARTICLE participation to create a bridge. One particle at a time (of a positive, consistent belief) literally makes real & tangible matter!

As you practice the first 4 tips, become as present as possible to witness what comes your way this eclipse. Doing these exercises removes resistance to your purpose! One layer at a time and suddenly your dream comes true! Your purpose is revealed! This is quantum.

Please realize that during Eclipse phases someone you hold dear might leave your life. Someone might give you information that rocks you to your core.

You’re prompted to release and let go. So if you’re working hard, doing your affirmations, listening to The Bodhi Brainstorm and suddenly you get downsized at work or you don’t get the promotion you were up for, EXAMINE it closely by stepping back.Life is helping you to make room for your dreams to come true.

Reshaping matter sometimes looks like loss, but when all is said and done, you see the wisdom in the bigger picture.

Here’s a daily Intentional mantra that will help you: “I resonate the frequency of abundance.” Becoming present is the daily exercise that strengthens your Spiritual muscle. I’ll see you in the next post where we’ll talk about the Solar Eclipse!

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