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Mercury In Retrograde…A Turn Of Events Part One

Mercury in retrograde in the Water sign of Cancer is soon upon us.

Even though the actual dates are June 26-July 20, all retrogrades are felt one week prior to one week after their scheduled turn of events. What is a Mercury in retrograde and how does it affect you?

First: The planets don’t make you do anything. You live in a cooperation with your cosmos. When the planets make a move, you feel it. When you make a move, the planets show it. Mirror, mirror on the cosmic wall.

Any retrograde planet has the appearance of moving backwards. Astrologically, when a planet is in retrograde motion, a part of your world has just been put on hold for further review.

Perceptually, here’s how it might look- imagine two airplanes in the sky traveling at the same speed. One plane is much farther away from our position on Earth than the other plane. The plane that’s closer to us will look as though it’s moving faster, but that’s only from our perspective.

Second: Our perspective is exactly what the retrograde means to us.

Mercury is the planet that represents communication, short journeys, siblings, details, quick wit and certain forms of technology.

When Mercury is retrograde is a good idea to:

  • Go within to discover your judgments that need healing.
  • Stray from purchasing new things, especially tech equipment of any kind.
  • Allow for extra time during this period, as ‘construction’ always seems to pop up when you least expect it! That means if the brochure features a wonderful new pool, and you happen to be traveling during a retrograde, call the front desk and ask if there’s any construction happening at the hotel or if the pool is undergoing any type of renovation.
  • Review the past that reappears. The past comes back in every retrograde to see if you’re done with it yet. Refer to the first bullet point.
  • Expect distractions and delays. Delays are the ways in a Mercury in retrograde!
  • Listen carefully as people divulge information that they normally wouldn’t. This can help you expand compassion for self and others.
  • Shy from over-commititng. What you promise in a retrograde needs to be fulfilled, as it usually doesn’t pan out when retrograde is direct.
  • Back up all computer data prior to the retrograde.
  • Be open to expanding your compassion.

Cancer the crab is a water sign and represents finances, food, the law, writing, computers (to a degree), women’s and children’s issues, as well as nurturing, stomach or breast issues.

When Mercury is retrograde in the sign of Cancer any or all of the above topics are in play.

Restaurants may go through intense inspections or you might suddenly want to learn a new application regarding finances. Perhaps you’re ready to nurture yourself more or become pregnant.

I know I’ll be immersing myself more into writing my second historical fiction novel. It might be that some of you have a run-in with the law and have to defend yourself. Cancer is famous for having a tough outer shell (but a soft, squishy inside).

Listen carefully to your intuition, your children, too. Be open to hearing (inner chatter) the truth in the situation without defenses!

Where this aspect falls in your natal chart in astrology is just as key as what mercury in retrograde in cancer represents. Cancer is a defensive creature. Any of your feelings that have been in hiding, if not tended, just may suddenly explode onto the scene, so do be aware of feeling your emotions fully and expressing yourself daily.

Go with the flow and remain as present as possible in as many moments as possible, and you’ll most certainly experience a huge turn of events that will alter not just your perception of something, but your future direction.

Stay tuned for part two of what each sign can expect during this upcoming Mercury in Retrograde in the sign of Cancer.

Read more posts by Elaine Marolakos Edelson, intuitive channel, empath, astrologer, and energy worker. Elaine is a blogger for JenningsWire.