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Mercury In Retrograde…A Turn Of Events Part Two

In the last post, I briefly described the vibe of a Mercury in retrograde in the Water Sign of Cancer.

Well, we’re already in the guise of the energy of this retrograde. But how will it affect each astrological sign? Read on…

Mercury in retrograde key focus through the signs (keep in mind the Cancer topics of food, finance, law, writing, women’s and children’s issues, nurturing, computers, stomach or breast issues, and defensive behavior when reading the following):

Aries: Stray from home redecorating, but do go within to reinvent yourself from the inside out. You revisit your childhood so don’t be surprised when Mother issues arise. Be prepared to lend a hand or have a healing. Either way, cookies go great with both.

Taurus: What you communicate now in thoughts, words, with siblings or close friends, or on any journeys, sets you up for the future. You’ll create lasting bonds and tremendous healing. Get ready for life to put you on the map!

Gemini: Placing values on nurturing your greatest joys (plus what Cancer represents, see above) will bring you a whole lot of cash by the next Mercury in retro. Get busy! It’s time you stop with excuses and step into your power.

Cancer: Profound time for you to realize the completion of a long-standing issue with one or more of the Cancer topics. Plant conscious seeds now for a brand new direction and let that defensive part of you begin to trust that your needs are met.

Leo: Part of your psyche needs to heal with ‘mother’. Allow it. And if that means getting into abandonment issues with both parents, then go there. You’ll come out the other side feeling so loved that you’ll birth a new biz!

Virgo: Life presents a new direction with associates or friends or a long-held dream. Consider what you must let go of first in order to move forward with success. (Clue: equal collaboration with those who nurture ought to be atop the list!)

Libra: Career and life direction are taking on a whole new look (especially with one of the Cancer topics!) Brainstorm. Meditate. Confer. Allow the Cosmos to show you the most direct route and give up the control. You are safe.

Scorpio: Contracts, the law and a brand new philosophy are at hand. Be ready to travel to new places. Even if you’re only taking an on-line course, you’re headed into foreign territory that will blow your mind.

Sagittarius: Jointly held monies & energies are the issue. Once you get a real budget, hire/fire and all of that…the bigger issue is connection to a spiritual aspect of yourself and life. Financial debt is a symptom of spiritual debt. Move judgments aside. Make room for compassion with women and your own feminine self.

Capricorn: Ultimate partnership comes by going to hell and back. Been there? Now’s the time to allow as much nurturing as you give. It’s the only way the Cosmos will let you move forward. Well not really. Self-Love and boundaries equal ‘caching’ in partnerships.

Aquarius: Watch those sugar and dairy cravings! Stress shows itself so get those hormones checked. Once health is in order then your occupation takes a turn. You discover a target audience who loves your work or a cause that fills the gaps.

Pisces: Fun, play, kids, romance and finding a creative part of yourself that’s been in hiding. Wow. Just remember that anything you promise in a retrograde doesn’t always pan out after the retrograde is over (wouldn’t want to disappoint the kiddies).

Remember, from now through July 27, the above topics are in play.

Stay tuned for the next post about the expansion in your world (the same Cancer topics) as Jupiter enters Cancer on July 2!